InnovaCare’s Genius Strategy towards Providing Quality Care to Patients in Puerto Rico and North America

Penelope Kokkinides joined InnovaCare Incorporation as a chief administrative officer in June 2015, alongside Jonathan Meyers and Mike Sortino. The chief executive officer of InnovaCare announced the appointment of the three and stated that they were a compliment to the firm’s staff. Penelope has extensive practice with Medicaid and Medicare programs which she gained in her previous tenures. She is a former chief operating officer and executive vice president of Centerlight Healthcare. She served as the chief operating officer of Touchstone Health and vice president of United Health Group. Penelope’s recruitment into InnovaCare in 2015 was the second after her initial employment at the firm as the vice president of clinical operations and chief operating officer. She has a master’s degree in social work, a bachelor in biological science and classical languages and a post master’s degree in substance and alcohol abuse.


Penelope revealed that she is in awe of the cooperation at InnovaCare and believes that it allows them to create new solutions seamlessly and effectually. She attributes some of the teamwork to technology, stating that the internet keeps her in touch with her team when she is on the road. Penelope Kokkinides spends most of her days flying and conducting distant business trips and could not imagine her work life without the E-mail services. During Rick Shinto’s announcement of InnovaCare’s newest additions, he stated that Penny was an exceptional health leader who would bring large growth to the firm. Rick Shinto has an accumulated 20 years of experience in the field and has worked in top administrative positions for various organizations. He gained skill sets by working for Aveta Corporation, MedPartners, the North American Medical Management, Medical Pathways Management and Cal-Optima Health.

In 2016, Rick announced InnovaCare’s partnership with Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network, in a bid to focus the cost of medicine on quality instead of quantity. He stated that the organization is committed to providing Puerto Ricans and Americans with quality and affordable solutions. InnovaCare manages the PMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare Incorporation in Puerto Rico. They have employed 7500 providers who service over 200,000 people in the region. InnovaCare aims to maintain integrity in all its operations particularly as it provides the only NCQA health program in the area. InnovaCare maintains strong relationships with its patients to ensure consistent quality. They engage first-class physicians to drive innovations and courageous leaders to implement new ideas and health care plans. Read more about her interview on Ideamensch

George Soros Funds Democratic Campaigns

George Soros is one of the most influential individuals in the world. He is the founder and chairman of an institution known as the Open Society. The hedge fund manager has founded several companies in his entire career, and he is also the author of fourteen books. Soros has always shown interest in politics, globalization, investments, economics, charity works and open communities. The successful businessman went for his studies at the London School of Economics where he acquired a degree in economics. Read more about George’s life story at

George Soros has always been influential in his country’s politics. Last year, the hedge fund manager supported Hilary Clinton to become the president of the United States. According to a report by the Federal Election Commission, the billionaire spent over twenty-five million dollars in the first half of 2016 supporting Democratic causes in the country. The commission said that the amount by the end of the campaigns.

Political experts say that the hedge fund manager is working hard to ensure that Hilary Clinton beats her rival, Donald Trump in the presidential campaign. This support is a positive sign for the Democrats in the country. Experts say that more wealthy activists will support Hilary and other Democrats because Soros will mobilize them. The businessman has also been supporting other Democratic groups in the recent past, donating vast sums of money. Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.

This is not the first time George Soros is engaging in this type of giving. In 2004, Soros spent millions supporting the presidential campaign. However, after the election, he withdrew from any political giving. The billionaire joined Democratic Alliance, a secretive club in the country that is formed by donors in the year 2005. The alliance focuses on the issues that affect climate change, significant monies in political campaigns and income inequity in the United States. Hilary Clinton is a strong supporter of these policies, and this is why the businessman is supporting her.

Since 1979, George Soros has played a great role in several charity works. The billionaire is believed to have given scholarships to students in South Africa during the Apartheid rule. Young black students got an opportunity to attend Cape Town University thanks to the billionaire. He also builds the Central European University. Soros also played the primary role in bringing an end to communism in the world. The billionaire has also been active in establishing international systems that have improved different countries and encouraged good governance.

Through his foundation, the Open Society, George Soros has transformed the lives of many people in the world. The organization has spent more than thirteen billion dollars in international charities since 1979. The foundation has improved education, healthcare and defended human rights in many nations. The organization has helped to free many prisoners in the world too.

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Sam Boraie’s urban Redevelopment Plan

Sam Boraie is a real estate developer who focuses on the urban renewal projects. These projects add immense value to the urban environment by adding an array of retail, commercial, and residential units. In his crunchbase page, he mentioned that the rapidly developing urban centers have lots of areas for future development. Due to the increasing population growth, there is a huge demand for housing in the metropolitan areas. Boraie’s Development Limited is looking to take advantage of the great opportunities by proving the range of facilities that the consumers demand.

Urban redevelopment

In the quest to fill the gaps and provide adequate housing to the urban population, Boraie Development Limited has created several masterplans for the urban centers. The main urban development concepts focus on developing some infills to bridge the gap between the developed and the undeveloped areas.

Urban investment strategies

According to Bloomberg, this company has also developed a core financial structure to fund the projects as per the requirements of these masterplans. Sam Boraie focuses on developing the retail, mixed-use, residential, hotels, and student housing. The company also focuses on developing the feasibility studies in the quest to undertake the scalable real estate projects.

New projects

The aspen development has some oversized windows that allow for ample natural light. The spacious balconies and terraces improve the lighting and ventilation while allowing the residents to enjoy the views. The Aspen provides panoramic views to the boulevards as well as the opportunity to see the urban skyline.

The New Brunswick project

This project is renowned for its gourmet kitchens, quartz countertops, have custom cabinetry, glass-tiled backsplash, and several stainless-steel appliances. The bathrooms have custom fixtures, wall accents, and tiled floors. The residential units are wired to provide cable television and high-speed Internet, reveals PR News. Sam Boraie focuses on the energy-saving appliances that include the gas-powered heating units, washing machines, and other green appliances that reduce the monthly energy bills. The neighborhood has several dining options, movie theaters, retail facilities, and recreational features that suit the entire community.


Sam Boraie also participates in various activities under the Elijah’s Promise. This organization provides a range of benefits to the needy. Sam Boraie initiates the provision of food and healthcare services to the poor. Also see:

Securus Puts Customer Feedback on Display, Details its Role in Crime Prevention

Securus Technologies has long been known as a company proud to provide technology and services to correctional facilities and law enforcement agencies across North America. This has also contributed to an understanding of what’s needed in order to minimize the proliferation of crime and keep correctional facilities safe for both inmates and staff.


Proud of what they know and the recognition earned for applying that experience, Securus has published a collection of feedback from customers across states and agencies that show a working relationship based on reliability and innovation. These consist of letters, electronic correspondence and the traditional paper kind, that show how Securus’s tech solutions have made stressful jobs and potentially dangerous work environments a little easier to navigate and maintain for the sake of public safety.


Securus’s Chairman and CEO, Richard A. Smith, said that feedback from clients is essential to the company’s business model. With such comments, Securus can better analyze just how they are conducting business and whether or not they have the confidence and support of this niche industry. Nearly every week Securus releases some new technology or service to be used by law enforcement. How they are released, how they interface with users, and nearly all the minutia of software development and continued service relies upon the flow of communication between Securus and their customers, Smith remarked.


The feedback comes to Securus by the thousands, and Smith has found that much of this feedback reassures him of the company’s role in maintaining public safety by helping law enforcement and corrections officials do their jobs. The level of praise the company continually receives has set a tone internally and has helped to define how they conduct business, and that adaptability is part of the reason Smith sees Securus as part of law enforcement and corrections for years to come.


Publishing this feedback to the public comes with a reminder from Securus Technologies that they have a standing open invitation to clients of their competitors and potential investors to walk into their campus in Dallas, Texas to see just how they conduct business and continue to be the premiere provider of technological solutions to law enforcement and correctional facilities.


Bruce Levenson Plans To Sue For Damages In Regards To Team Sale

Bruce Levenson is the former owner of the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks, the majority of whose shares he owned along with Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment (AHBE) from 2004 to 2015 ( He sold the team in 2015 to Tony Ressler’s group and along with AHBE decided to buyout former team General Manager Danny Ferry’s contract. Under an insurance policy they had with AIG, the team’s former insurance company, Levenson and AHBE were entitled to file a claim with that company to cover losses in this event according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. AIG however, seems to think it did not have to honor such an obligation, and are not paying any compensation to AHBE or Ferry. Levenson and AHBE are now taking them to court where they intend to sue for damages.

Bruce Levenson has many passions in life both in sports and business. He attended law school for a time at American University, but never went into practicing law. He went into journalism, working first for the Washington Star before it went defunct, and then later started his own news publication company along with his friend Ed Peskowitz. That company started out publishing an oil industry newsletter, but soon evolved into the major media organization, Unified Communications Group (UCG). Levenson also helped start subsidiary TechTarget, and also served on the board of advisors at BIA Digital Partners.

According to PR newswire, Levenson is also a philanthropist who has served at several non-profit groups including I Have a Dream Foundation, and the Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Leadership at the University of Maryland,. Levenson is also a staunch advocate of Jewish activist groups such as Birthright Israel and the SEED Foundation, and he has also contributed to the Holocaust Memorial Museum. Levenson also helped sponsor the Concert Against Hate event hosted by the Anti-Defamation League just last year.

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The Professional, Talented, And Exceptional Services Of Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital reputation means achieving a successful business venture. The International Investment Firm has elevated the financial industry to new heights for their financing, restructuring and the ability to handle complicated business deals.


Madison Street Capitals’ achievements have earned them a place in the finals for the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards. Karl D’Cunha led the acquisition of Acuna & Asociados S.A. for their client Dowco. The acquisition involved working across the borders of several countries and time zones. Madison Street Capital Senior Managing Director Karl D’Cunha is elated about the successful business deal and being recognized for their efforts.


Madison Street Capital has been nominated for “Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year” and the “International and Industrials Deal of the Year.”

The company thrives because of its diversity in businesses and has to consistently think out of the box.


Madison Street Capital is a “Boutique International Investment Firm” that applies the principles of honesty, integrity, and transparency with their clients. The investment firm has experienced professionals to assist a client with raising capital, restructuring a company’s financial system, advisory services, and M&A business deals.


The Hatch Chile Co. In Albuquerque, NM is a client of Madison Street Capital. They helped them to acquire $7.0 million in funding for their mezzanine in the facility of the Farragut Capital Partners. The Hatch Chile Brand distributes their packaged foods through major retail outlets in the United States. They take the lead in producing Non-GMO and Gluten Free products and is the largest brand sold in the Hispanic section.


The City Elevator is a client of Madison Street Capital and used their services for securing interim and long-term funding in a few days. They install the new elevators in New York City. The independently owned and operated company was impressed how they started to work and understand how the company operated. City Elevator’s portfolio includes residential, institutional, and commercial accounts.


Madison Street Capital assisted the Pearl Human Care Pvt. Ltd, to establish a licensing agreement as their financial advisor. The Henry Ford Health Systems will launch its first licensed hospital in the Vellore District in India in 2018.

The Henry Ford Health Systems is a major healthcare provider in the United States. This license will allow the introduction of ground-breaking in medical and clinical procedures and state-of-the-art technology.


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The Views Of David Gertz On Social Security

Advisors need to speak to their clients about social security. But not enough of them are doing it. A survey done of people who are retired or who are about to retire in about 10 years confirms the same. 4 out of 5 such people said that they would change their advisor if they did not talk about social security at It needs to be understood why financial advisors are not taking interest in this. They need to make it an integral part of the financial planning for retirement plan. Besides, there are people who are turning too early towards the social security. All this translates into huge numbers. Hence it is important for financial advisors to take full interest in this aspect.

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David Giertz is a financial advisor. He has been employed by Nationwide Investment Services Corporation. He is based in Dublin, Ohio. David Giertz has over 31 years of experience behind him. He has passed 4 exams.

Giertz is registered with FINRA as a Broker. These are the sales personnel who are working for larger brokerage firms. This refers to firms that are having the business of buying and selling securities that include stocks, bonds, and mutual funds in addition to other investment-related products on Such firms will be registered with FINRA. They may be engaged in securities transactions that would be taken on behalf of its customers and then they become like a broker. Or else these transactions will be done for own account. Then the firm becomes like a dealer.

David Giertz has wide experience in his field. He has aptly qualified for the position that he holds. Currently David Giertz holds a position with the National Investment Services Corporation. This is a highly coveted position and David Giertz is perfectly suited for it based on his experience.

Sam Tabar and the Environment Strategies

Sam Tabar is the Chief Operating Officer(COO) AT FullCycle Energy Fund, which was created in 2003 to fund projects for recycle, and maintenance of a clean environment. FullCycle Energy Fund projects collect waste products that would harm the environment and process them to usable goods in the community.

These projects offer various benefits to the local people including a clean environment and affordable, clean commodities. Sam advocates for the clean environment which include purification of fuels that pollute the environment to environmentally friendly fuels, furniture, utensils and polythene papers. Learn more about Sam Tabar:

According to Bloomberg, Sam Tabar is a prominent business strategist, a professional in business development, legal administration and fundraiser. In the year 2000, Sam obtained a bachelors degree in Jurisprudence from University of Oxford. In 2001, he did Masters degree in law from Columbia University. This professional background has made Sam who he is in present and future.

After his education, Sam Tabar joined Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher, Slate & FlomLLP Affiliates, All located in New York where he worked as an Attorney for five years. In these organizations, Tabar specialized in fund-related matters, being his passionate field.

Later in the year 2007, he worked as a Managing Director for the largest sovereign fund in Asia, Sparxs Group. He provided advice on compliance and legal issues and raised as much as 600 US dollars macro fund products, Credits and for equity.

In addition to his financial management experience, In 2011 Sam worked as a Director, Head of Strategy(APAC) for Merrill Lynch(Bank of America) founded in Hong Kong/ New York, Where he introduced managers in finding investors and fund management plans.

Sam Tabar, Invested in Tribute and SheThinx companies, started to empower women hygiene around the world, which is one of his early investments. In the present, he is a member of the New York State Bar and an Editor of the Columbia business law journal.

Wen Plus Puppies Equals Love And Beauty

Chaz Dean loves his Labrador retriever family. They join him at work, while traveling and are even with him on QVC appearances. Initially, two brothers (Hunter and Spencer) plus their sister, Ella the trio became part of the salon family welcoming clients as well as staff. When Ella passed, she was sorely missed, but respectfully replaced by Riley June and Bella Moon, pups from the same Dad as the original trio. They are also meticulously groomed with Wen products and Chaz considers them his children. They are indeed beautiful animals!

But the puppies aside, the Chaz Dean empire stands on a strong foundation built from his all natural hair care product line. Enjoying a natural, healthy, holistic lifestyle himself, Dean produces his Wen hair care line the same way. Having not used traditional shampoos on his own hair or that of his clients since 1993, Chaz has created and educated his clients how to gain and maintain beautiful, healthy hair. Chaz doesn’t even use the word “shampoo” to describe his products. Minus toxic bleaches, peroxides, sulfates and detergents, Chaz is making the world more beautiful and healthy one client at a time. The strong foundation is his Cleansing Conditioner, available in multiple sizes and scents, which include fruits, plants or veggies. He even offers a short, seven question hair quiz on his web site that allows him to help you select the very best products you need for your hair.

As Chaz, has grown his business, he has also grown his philanthropy. With a giving and compassionate heart, Chaz works hard to raise awareness of human needs and his listing of worthy charities grows as well.

Purchase and use of the Wen product line is a win-win-win proposition. You get gorgeous hair, Chaz continues to create and we all benefit from his generosity.

New York State Bar Association and Mr. Jeremey Goldstein

The new online portal for people who are seeking lawyers for criminal issues was launched by NYSBA (New York State Bar Association), which is a Trusted Lawyer Referral and Information Service group. The confidential services that are provided by the organization are available at for 24 hours in a day. People are usually in need of lawyers in times of pressure and stress. Therefore, the State Bar Association gives them the opportunity of getting the best attorney for their cases. The individual who is seeking for a legal help will just have to present a questionnaire for review. Through the review, the State Bar staff will then match the inquiry with a nearby office of an attorney. The cost of referral to an attorney is free but the consultation fee for the first 30 minute is $35. However, there are exceptions to matters, which involve personal injury, medical malpractice, worker’s compensation, military law, and social security. Apart from the online access, the organization can be reached through 1-800-342-3661 during the regular business hours.

One of the attorneys that justice seeker can get access to is Jeremy L. Goldstein who is also a partner at Jeremey L. Goldstein and Associates LLC. The company of Mr. Jeremey Goldstein is a law firm that is dedicated to advising management teams, CEOs, compensation committees, and executive teams. Before finding his company, Mr. Goldstein was also a partner at Wachtell, Lipton, Katz, and Rosen Law Firm. He was involved in many corporate transactions over the past decade. For example, the acquisition of the Goodrich by the United Technologies, the Dow Chemical Company, and the Duke Energy/Progress Energy.

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