Securus Technologies Make Places Safer for Police

I believe that we all should have great respect for companies who become social entrepreneurs. It is this mindset, that business can make good profit by ending evil in this world, that empowers companies to make good changes on this Earth.


While I was researching Securus Technologies, I found out that they would be considered social entrepreneurs in the realm of criminal technologies.


Having been founded in 1986, they have since grown to be the world’s leading provider in civil justice technology and criminal justice technology. They also create solutions for public safety. On top of this, they create technologies that allow the police force to investigate, correct, and monitor crimes among inmates.


Over time, they have expanded into several different areas. They began in Dallas Texas, and now they have Regional Offices in Atlanta, Georgia, Carrollton, Texas, and Allen, Texas.


The top priority of Securus Technologies is to decrease crime that occurs between two different inmates within a correctional facility. In order to accomplish that, they created a system that monitors the cell phones the inmates have. This technology has allowed Securus Technologies to monitor the movements of inmates and gain a deeper understanding into their motives.


Over 2000 correctional facilities in North America have reported that using Securus Technologies has drastically reduced the injuries that occur inside their systems. The same police officers have reported feeling safer, and more control, and better equipped to handle situations in the correctional facility.


I am happy to report that Securus Technologies does whatever it can to continue pushing the envelope. They have invested over 600 million dollars to produce new technologies on a weekly basis.


When I see advancements like this, I know in my heart that, while evil cannot be completely extinguished, it can be lessened to a great degree.