Rocketship Education Develops A Better Way Of Building Tomorrows Education Leaders

The link between public education and children falling behind their peers has gained traction with the launch of various charter schools such as the San Jose-based Rocketship Education. These charter schools have a two-fold mission which is to increase the educational opportunities offered to students from all backgrounds and families with various income levels and to teach students and their families about the various opportunities offered to them by the charter school system. Rocketship Education is targeted at low-income families who former San Jose, California public school educators Preston Smith and John Danner believed were being left behind by the traditional system in what was once the gateway city for immigrants arriving in the U.S. from Mexico.

The approach taken by Rocketship Education is that academic and home life are intertwined and every aspect of the life of a student should be aimed towards creating the most successful career possible for the individual student as they pass through the Rocketship Education community. Leaders at Rocketship Education have spent much of their time exploring the opportunities available for them to bring the parents and families of individual students into the community and keep them up to date with the latest advances open to students.

Benefits of the work of Rocketship Education include the ability to develop a new way of living life with more of a focus on the ability to create a brighter future for the community. Even though Rocketship Education is an elementary school program which comes to an end when the students depart for middle school the school system is looking to prepare students for college in the future and provide the best possible base for them to embark on their learning career.

Creating a successful career for the future is one part of the Rocketship Education series of aims but the ability of each family to develop their career in other charter schools results in the individual student having the chance to explore the development of new charter schools. The charter school system has been created on the back of the work of educators and families seeking a better future for their children.