Dick DeVos: Three-Time CEO

Born October 21, 1955, Richard Marvin “Dick” DeVos Jr. has a wide variety of executive experience. As the son of Amway co-founder Richard DeVos he was groomed for business leadership. Beginning in 1974 he rotated between positions in the company’s finance, sales, marketing, research and development, and manufacturing departments. These opportunities taught him the business well, as his tenure in the VP position at Amway International from 1984 to 1991 shows. During this time DeVos increased oversea sales as a percent of annual sales from 5 to over 50 percent.


In 1991 the larger DeVos family acquired the National Basketball Association’s Orlando Magic franchise.  After a two-year period of oversight DeVos took his leave from the sports team and returned to Amway, replacing his father as President. DeVos served in this position from 1993 through 2002. During this time, he sourced and oversaw a strategic corporate restructure. This decision took 20 months to implement, returned the company to profitability, and prevented the then impending dissolution of the firm. Additionally, this act created the present parent company Alticor, which owns Amway alongside numerous other subsidiaries.


After navigating the company’s structural makeover in 2002, DeVos left Alticor to work as President for The Windquest Group. Not, however, before leading the former to achieve sales of $4.5 billion in the final fiscal year for which he held oversight. The Windquest Group, the Michigan-based private investment management group DeVos joined, identifies opportunities in the hospitality, clean technology, manufacturing, and general technology sectors. DeVos cites his optimism for sustainable energy–given it proves economical for investors–as the reason for dedicating this time to sponsoring such ventures.


Twenty Three Layers For Your Upcoming Event

If you have an event coming up in New York City that you wish to be a resounding success, you might want to hire an event planner.  With that thought, you will probably be sourcing various event planning businesses in NYC. There are some steps involved that can make the process more efficient and where you will get the help and expertise you need.


This boils down to coming up with the precise reason you are having the event in the first place. Clearly coming up with why, where, how, and when answers will go a long way in helping you to relate to the event planner your thoughts and will give more definition to how they can help you.


The next step is to get a grip on what your resources will be, namely in the areas of manpower and a budget. If you have no idea about these areas, you are going to be in a gray area as far as your capabilities and the ability to move forward.


When you get to the stage of looking for event planners in NYC, don’t make the mistake of relying only on referrals and other people’s opinions. While that method is very helpful, you want to research the event planning business’s track record and experience.


Twenty Three Layers is an event planning company whose experience and track record will qualify in an extremely impressive manner. Their impressive client list is certainly going to speak for itself, but their capabilities will show that they are a first-class, full-service event planning company that leaves no stone unturned.


Twenty Three Layers will plan and execute your event from start to finish in such a professional manner that you will be able to forget any of the planning details and concentrate on your attendees to the event. The attention detail from the outset as far as venue selection, entertainment, photography, catering, floral design, and all other details are extensive and worry-free for you.


Partnering with Twenty Three Layers will be the best decision you will make in the planning and execution of your event. You will be completely satisfied from the outset to the conclusion of your event when working with the professional staff at Twenty Three Layers.


New Jersey Business Leader Sam Boraie Is Rebuilding Several Urban Areas In The State

When people talk about New Jersey, they talk about Governor Chris Christie and his bad choices. Some people say Christie is the worst governor on record, but there are a few people that still stand by him. Other people talk about Rutgers, the state university in New Brunswick, or they mention Johnson and Johnson, one of largest family-owned corporations in America. But there is a new topic running around the conversation mill these days. Sam Boraie and Boraie Development are getting a lot of attention for bringing some of the worst urban areas in the United States back to life. Boraie Development started their urban renewal project in the 1970s, in New Brunswick, New Jersey. New Brunswick’s downtown area looked like a shell-shocked town in the Middle East before Boraie Development started to building office space on Albany Street. But when people see downtown New Brunswick now, all they see are New York style office and residential buildings that were built and then managed by Sam Boraie and his siblings.

Every detail is considered when Sam and his staff start a new office or residential project on njbiz.com. The list of completed projects in New Brunswick is a testament to the kind of work Sam and his family stand behind. The Albany Street Plaza One and Plaza Two buildings are late century and new century architecture. The Aspire residential building is the epitome of luxury living, and One Spring Street building is another work of residential art.

Sam Boraie is proud of all the development projects in downtown New Brunswick, but the work the company did in Newark has a lot of people talking. Sam partnered with Newark native Shaq O’Neil, and they developed the One Riverview residential building in Newark. One Riverview brought people back to Newark to live. Even New Yorkers found the building attractive and convenient. The Rector Street development is another O’Neil and Boraie project is Newark.

When Sam Boraie’s name is mentioned in New Jersey, the conversation is not just about the building Sam develops, manages and rents. Sam is very active in the nonprofit organization, Elijah’s Promise and the New Brunswick State Theater. Boraie sits on the Advisory Board of Elijah’s Promise, and he is a member of the State Theater board as well. Both of those organizations are known for the work they do in the educational system as well as for programs they implement that help people learn how to live life without regrets. Source: http://www.nytimes.com/2005/03/06/realestate/at-two-extremes-of-a-housing-market.html?_r=0

Atlantic City is another New Jersey City that is benefiting from the Boraie touch. Boraie is building a $100 million residential complex called the Beach at South Inlet not too far from the famous Atlantic City boardwalk. Atlantic City needs more luxury accommodations. This new Boraie residential project will help attract more full-time residents to the city, according to Sam Boraie.

Billy McFarland Knows How to Properly Network Professional Millennials

Billy McFarland is a mere twenty-three years old, however, he possesses the genius of putting together a Millennial professional social network and great deals, for his young professional clientele. He does so by way of his stylish Magnises black card.

The card can be linked, too, to a credit card—in order to pay for purchases. The card’s draw, though, is the exclusivity it provides the Millennial crowd, in taking advantage of the company’s stylish Penthouse location, for networking and get-togethers, where late night DJ sets are conducted and other social events.

The card also has deals attached to it. It makes living in the city—more favorable for the young professional. The young professional, merely, shows his black card to participating eateries, clubs and other places, where it is accepted—and in so doing, he or she acquires discounting.

Billy stated that the company was involved in constructing a platform which connected millennials with that of new businesses. Many trendy eateries have signed up in partnership with Magnises. Members, too, receive discounts on helicopter trips, to the Hamptons, and private concerts.

Magnises now has more than six-thousand members signed up. There is a $250 annual payment in order to carry the black card. A mobile App is tied to the membership of Magnises.

The targeted market, according to McFarland, is comprised of working professionals between 21 years of age and 35 years of age. The prospect fills out an online application and subsequently is approved by the Magnises team—before becoming a member.

According to Forbes, Billy McFarland states, the company wants an individual who truly wants to network with other like professionals and attain deals at all of the city’s most significant venues.

The penthouse location of Magnises is at the Hotel on Rivington, on the city’s Lower East Side, in New York. Magnises plays host to many events, at the penthouse. It provides its members with cocktail hours and late night social arrangements—in the form of DJ sets. The hotel provides catering and an open bar, too.

Billy McFarland plans on launching Magnises locations in ten more metropolitan markets within the next year. He plans on beginning with Washington, DC.

Billy McFarland states that the company is generating enough in revenue—so they will not be looking in the direction of raising more funds—at any time, within the near future.


Who is Doe Deere And What Is Lime Crime

Doe Deere is a businesswoman who has created one of the most recognizable cosmetic brands. Here is a little bit of information about the entrepreneur.


Who Is Doe Deere And What Is Lime Crime

Deere was raised in NYC, but she was born in Russia. She’s the CEO and the founder of the cosmetics brand Lime Crime. She created her own line of cosmetics back in 2008, but her products are cruelty-free and unique.


Idea For Lime Crime

Although Lime Crime was launched in 2008, the idea for Lime Crime came to Deere in 2004. That year, she opened an eBay account and the name of the account was “Limecrime.” The account was for Deere’s fashion line, which she modeled herself.


How Deere Brings Ideas To Life

When it comes to bringing ideas to life, Deere has incredible patience. In fact, she is known for waiting for weeks or months for inspiration. However, when inspiration does come to her, she acts quickly and decisively. She tries out her products first because she believes in making sure that each product is true to the Lime Crime brand and its customers.


What Deere Wishes She Did Differently

One of the few things the entrepreneur wishes she did differently was starting earlier. Before she officially launched Lime Crime, she had the idea for years. Another thing she wished she did differently was getting a customer service department sooner rather than later. She described her customer service team as highly skilled at keeping Lime Crime’s customers satisfied.


Who Has Influenced Deere

Deere is married and she says her husband, Mark, is the biggest influence she has. Mark and Deere played in a band 16 years ago and since then, the pair has always been together. Mark is the president of Lime Crime and she described him being extremely intelligent and very funny.


Doe Deere’s products can be found in a number of select stores. They can also be purchased at Lime Crime’s website.

Follow her @DoeDeere

How to Save Vast Amounts of Money

The business world is a sector of society that is often looked at at being rich and having an endless amount of available funds. This is not the case and in fact could not be further from the truth. Companies need to be exceptionally careful with how they spend their capital, and this can be a difficult and often complicated procedure that if done right could mean prosperity and business growth, and if done wrong could mean financial ruin and failure.

In order avoid ruin companies need to take advantage of whatever discounts and decreased prices they can come in to contact with, which is exactly what Billy McFarland‘s latest invention might have in store for them if they pay attention closely.

McFarland is a young individual just entering into the prospects of entrepreneurial engineering. At only twenty three years old McFarland has created an interesting experiment that seeks to combine social media practices with thrift.

According to Fortune, Billy McFarland has created Magnises, a social membership program that is originally created to offer average consumers the ability to save vast amounts of money on entertainment locations.

Magnises operates quite easily. In order to take advantage of the program an individual signs up and becomes a member and is then given a special metal card they can use.

This card is attached to a chosen bank account and is used a sa form of payment at designated locations. Once payment is rendered the discounted amount from Magnises is removed from the total, allowing members to save a lot of money.

This could mean big changes to the way that business is conducted, especially when you consider that most business meetings are performed within restaurants, bars, and other locations that Magnises gives discounts on.

While it has not been implemented yet, it would make complete logical sense for companies to include Magnises in to their business model.

Town Residential Opens Their Tenth Prime Location

Town Residential opened their doors in 2010. This brokerage firm for real estate was began by CEO, Andrew Heiberger. The firms specialty is residential. Joseph Sitt co-chairs the firm.


Town Residential has started another location in the meat packing area of Manhattan. This is the companies tenth location, opened in just three years’ time. This beautiful office brings into focus the residential areas all along the Hudson. It is assumed the brokers will be taking their prospective clients right along the high line. This new area is also conveniently located quite close to story High Park.


Town Residential has the second story under lease. This space measures an amazing 7,100 square feet and is included in a deal that was made for a period of fifteen years. This amazing building has ceilings that are sixteen feet high, and a private deck area at the very top. Although Mr. Heiberger has become known for his unique flair, he has truly outdone himself with this venture.


This is the only area with the extravagance of having a perfect place for the brokers to meet with their clients. This is also partly what sets Town Residential in a category of their own. Thomas and Ingram, a firm who focuses solely on the West Village is taking their cue from Town Residential and acquiring space in the meat district as well. One of the little offices operated by Town Residential is moving into the new area.


This office is in an area that has been called one of the cities hottest and is located by the entrance to the high line. This area is experiencing constant growth because of the condos that have been built throughout the park. The entire west side is solid neighborhoods, and the new office is set right in the middle of it all. This new locations will extend business from Hudson Yards and go all the way to Tribeca.


This is not the first highly visible location opened by Town Residential. There are several other very prominent locations. The rents have not been released but as popular as this area has become, they will not be inexpensive to acquire. This applies to both the possible tenants and the business owners.


Thor Equities is Town Residential main investor. It was this relationship that made it possible for the securing of this incredible space.


New York Times’ Report about George Soros Missed the Key Valid Information on His Humanitarian Acts

In 2010, Fox News covered a story on George Soros that focused on his actions, quotes, and reputation. The show, hosted by Glenn Back, was edited to include a portrayal of the Jewish livelihood at the beginning of the 20th century and fading quotations with remarks about the worldwide recognized philanthropic on Forbes. A further publication written by author Connie Bruck about George Soros, published in the New York Times titled “The world according to Soros.”

The two productions defamed and continuously misrepresented George Soros.

George Soros is well known as an anti-Semite, an active hedge fund investor and contributor to the liberal movement.

George Soros is a Budapest native born in 1930 during the Nazi reign. He grew up always escaping the rule of the Nazis and Fascist surrogates by hiding out. His father disguised the family’s roots in Jewishness by forging identity documents that protected them from the harsh punishments of the then authorities. After years of surviving Communism, George moved to England to join The London School of Economics, where he began his specializing in financial markets.

In 1956, George worked at Wall Street and climbed his way to the 35th position of the richest people in the world according to Forbes magazine. His lucrative primary inclination was correct speculation and prediction of stock and currency. While in the US, his parents later joined him after the Hungarian Revolution was destroyed by Soviet unions, making them refugees. George’s has expanded his philanthropic support to the liberal institutions and advocate groups internationally.

Read more: Puppetry

Beck’s show on Fox News missed the critical information that makes up George Soros’ old stand against Semitism and communism. The Anti-Defamation League, the Commentary, a neoconservative body, Reason the libertarian bible denounced the shows message The denouncers, who are regular supporters of Beck’s shows, did not share the same negative assumptions about George Soros.

Beck went further to spew more derogatory lies about George on his radio show by excluding vital information about the motivation for George Soros’ findings to revolutions. George contributed to the Velvet Revolution in the Czech Republic in Ukraine, and to the Rose Revolution in Georgia. His aim was to end the communism present in the nations. He also lied that the business icon was a contributor to the coups in Slovakia, Yugoslavia, and Croatia. His claims are unproven and invalid as there are no known records of such donations by George Soros.

Beck is an entertainer who likes to label his high points of views as jokes and is perplexed when sometimes part of his audience does not understand his talks. Beck follows guidelines from his superiors Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch, who also share his perception on present day Nazism influence. During Soros’ 80th birthday celebration, Lord Mark Malloch publicly supported the anticommunist movement led by George Soros through his organization, Open Society. He named George as one of the four people who have supported the end of communism among Ronald Regan, Margaret Thatcher, and Pope John Paul the second. See: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/07/george-soros-democratic-convention-226267

Waiakea Spring Water Improves Overall Function

It is not said enough how important water is. Even if people knew all of the benefits of water, it seems to have a small influence on the amount of water they drink. However, very few people are aware of the benefits that they get from regular water consumption.

There are many benefits. For one thing, the overall function of the person is improved. There are many problems that could result from a deficiency in water.

Among these problems that people are faced with when it comes to dehydration is impaired mental function. The brain needs water so that people could focus.

Among the mental problems that could occur when one is not getting enough water is focus.

For some people, they find it hard to focus because of some pain or discomfort. Then there are other times they are just unable to focus for some reason they can’t think of. Then there are memory problems that could result from dehydration.

One of the important things to understand is that it is not enough to just drink water. One must make sure that he is drinking high quality water like Waiakea water. According to Gush, He will not only improve his mental function, but his physical function with Waiakea water.

For the most part, he will feel better and be able to focus well. New you has it that there are also plenty of other benefits that come with drinking Waiakea water.

For one thing, people will lose a lot of weight if they are struggling with their physical health. They will also become stronger because of the oxygen traveling to their muscles and joints.

Importance of Wikipedia in Marketing


Do you have a marketing strategy? Have you included Wikipedia? If you haven’t added this important site, it is time to rethink your plans. In the modern times, most marketers have decided to implement Wikipedia in their marketing strategies. Those who have made this crucial decision have reaped many benefits from it.


In marketing, Wikipedia plays an important role. The site is not part of social media, news website or a directory. The writing style used by the site is very different from the rest, and everyone is allowed to contribute to its content.


If you are planning to use Wikipedia in your marketing strategies, there are some important aspects to consider. These include Wikipedia page creation, monitoring your presence on the site, Wikipedia backlinks and lastly using the Wikipedia sister projects.


If you want to be successful and fruitful in marketing your business, you must create a Wiki page. Your Wikipedia page will show up in Google search and any other online platform. Clients will know about your business when searching for information online.

There is a group of people that says that Wikipedia is not a reliable site. However, despite these rumors, the page remains to be the most used sources information sources in the world. A recent research proved that the site is the seventh most visited site in the globe.


When you decide to make a Wikipedia page, it is crucial to understand if you are eligible. The site has many rules and regulations that need to be followed. Everyone creating a page in the site must be notable to these guidelines. The site mostly uses notability as criteria when determining if a topic needs to be on the page.

According to Wikipedia editors, a subject that has received good coverage in some of the reliable sources is suitable for the page. This means that a subject for Wikipedia must have at least three reliable references.


Get Your Wiki is a company that specializes in creating and editing Wikipedia pages. The company has been operating for some years, and it has helped many companies to market their products through Wikipedia. The editors employed by the firm are experienced and reliable Wikipedia experts who have all it takes to write good content. The company charges an affordable fee for the work they do.