Doe Deere’s Insights Behind Making Profits At Lime Crime

Doe Deere has a glowing personality that’s reflected on the cosmetics that she both uses and sells at her company, Lime Crime Inc. Doe Deere has always loved wearing her hair and using lipsticks and makeup of bright exotic colors, and her Lime Crime brand has become a favorite among young women. Doe Deere has turned what was a part-time gig into a beautiful artistic passion of hers and shared some insights on how Lime Crime makes profits.


One of the primary reasons Lime Crime has done well is that it takes input from customers seriously and uses feedback in ideas for brand new products. Also, Doe Deere is willing to put out online contests and promotional events in which the winners can take home a Lime Crime product, and it was one reason her company name got out there in its early stage. Lime Crime is primarily sold online, but some cosmetic retailers and general department stores also sell the products.


Doe Deere was born in Russia but moved to the US when she was 17 to attend university in New York City. While spending most of her time studying, she spent the rest of it singing in a band that she hoped would make it to fame. It ultimately did not pan out that way, but she happened to meet her future husband while doing her singing gigs, and when it became clear her future was not in music, she went all in on cosmetics. Doe Deere actually had started out in fashion design attending one of New York City’s prestigious design schools in the garment district, but some time later she started feeling that she could do more on her own, and she started selling her own designed apparel on eBay. This first fashion company actually had the original name of Lime Crime, but Doe Deere felt she could improve on her apparel style by marketing it with photos of her with certain cosmetics. She began experimenting with makeup, lipsticks and hair colors, and soon she realized that cosmetics were what she truly wanted to sell.


Doe Deere soon started picking up more business from selling her new Lime Crime cosmetics, and by 2009 she saw her online sales reach levels like never before. Soon she had enough income to finance her own company, and she and her husband moved to Los Angeles in 2011 and officially opened Lime Crime’s headquarters. Doe Deere has partnered with a lab company that works with her on colors and finished dyes, lipsticks, makeup and eyeliner products, but she’s made it clear that nothing hits the market until she’s personally tried it on. For some who may not understand what Lime Crime is about, they may think it’s a little outside the norm to display Lime Crime’s products the way Doe Deere has, but Doe Deere says her unicorn logo for the company was chosen because she wants every girl to be able to let their true self out no matter their taste. Learn more: