Back In Australia: Kim Dao Takes Yuki To The Vet In Perth

Kim Dao is a beauty YouTuber that often posts vlog videos of her travels around Japan, Australia, and South Korea. Although Kim Dao now works in Tokyo, she often visits her family and friends in Perth, Australia. In one of Kim’s latest Australian videos, she takes viewers with her on a lazy day in Perth. The video is entitled “Yuki goes to the vet | Kim Dao.”


This vlog begins with Kim Dao in bed talking about how she had a great meal with her boyfriend Eric yesterday at a fancy Italian restaurant. She also mentions how the quality of food at fast food restaurants like KFC is so much better in Australia than in Japan.


Before she started vlogging, Kim Dao says she was just in the other room playing Hearthstone with her boyfriend. She tells her viewers that she is planning on going to meet a group of fellow YouTubers in the city of Perth today.


After she visits this group, Kim Dao says she has to go back home and pick up her family’s pet Pomeranian Yuki. She says Yuki needs to go to the vet to help restore her leg muscles. Apparently Yuki slipped on a towel in the past few months. This event fractured one of her back legs.


In the next shot we see Kim Dao visiting the Perth YouTube group in Hyde Park. She does a quick interview for the YouTube channel LukeLikesThings and then heads back to meet her boyfriend.


Both Kim and Eric have a quick lunch, then they head on out to the vet with Yuki. Once they’re done with the vet, Kim and Eric take Yuki home. A little while later, Kim Dao takes Yuki for a walk in the park.


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