Betsy Devos, Educationist or A Politician?

Betsy Devos was born on January 8, 1958. Her real name is Elisabeth Dee Betsy Devos. Betsy Devos is a businesswoman, philanthropist, politician and the current Secretary of Education of the United States of America. Betsy Devos was nominated by none other than the current President of the United States Donald J. Trump.

Betsy’s mother was a public school teacher and an inspiration for Betsy. She saw her mother’s effort in teaching and became interested in education. The day Betsy sent her own children to

school for quality education, she realized that not every child is being offered the same type of education and felt that it is a necessity for all children to have such education which can not only change their lives but also revolutionize America but Betsy’s efforts were ignored in the beginning so she started her career as a politician because, in this way, people would listen to her.

Betsy Devos is working with the President Donald J. Trump to have equal opportunities for all student. Betsy has a great vision and believes that a student should not be judged by his/her

color, state or department. She believes everyone deserves the same quality of education and there should be no comparison between them.

It’s been three decades since Betsy Devos is involved in the education policy of the country. Betsy is also known as the voice of needy people who need education. Betsy cares a lot for the

children who have no access to quality education. She believes if she can educate these children, America would become greater than ever. Betsy’s services are available in more than 25 states of America where the students can go to seek help for their education. Check more about their foundation at

Betsy Devos has also invested and helped local charities and organizations such as Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Kids Hope USA and much more. Betsy graduated from Calvin College, Michigan. Betsy is married to a philanthropist and activist Dick Devos and has four children and five grandchildren Betsy is also the Chairperson of the Philanthropy Roundtable and had an interview with them recently in which she discussed her services for the country and what it means to her. In her interview, Betsy revealed that she has never been more optimistic as ever and proudly announces that she has helped over 250,000 students to have quality knowledge.

Betsy Devos has further confirmed that she is going to expand her services to more states. She believes she can have an everlasting effect on this country by helping all students. Betsy has a lot of faith in all of the students and believes that all of the students should have a chance to show their God-given potential. Read her interview with Philanthropy Table.