Dick and Betsy DeVos Championing the Education of the American Child

The Amway corporation is famous the world over. It has made millions of people financially stable by becoming distributors. Dick DeVos, the oldest son of Richard M. DeVos, was the CEO of the Amway Corporation between 1993 and 2002 and ran the company with the wisdom and the business acumen of his father. He started working in the privately owned corporation in 1974 and held various positions, and in 1984, he became the VP of operations at Amway, until 1989. He started his venture, The Windquest Group, dealing with the manufacture and distribution of closet and storage organizers. I believe this must have been to give him an outsider’s view of the Amway Corporation.


Richard DeVos appointed Dick to manage the NBA’s Orlando Magic team at the same time being in charge of the Windquest Group. He was to succeed his father in 1993, where at the turn of the new millennium, he superintended the restructuring of the Amway Corporation and the establishment of an umbrella company, dubbed Alticor Corporation, comprising of the Quixtar Corporation, Amway Corporation, as well as the Access Business Group.


He is married to Betsy DeVos, the Secretary of Education in the Trump Administration, 2017. The DeVos’ have one of the largest philanthropy foundations in the world, I have seen in recent times.


The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation


Over the years, the Dick and Betsy DeVos have been under the scrutiny for their overly generous political contributions to the Republican Party, but that is nothing compared to their charitable donations, which surmounts to as much as $139 million thus far. These two philanthropists donated $11.6 million to charity in 2015 alone, which is double the amount of $5.3 million they reported to the federal government, spent during Betsy’s vetting process for the post of Secretary of Education.


Dick DeVos is following his father’s example. In the 2015 fiscal year, Richard DeVos and his four children donated a whopping $104 million to charity, which landed them on Forbes, America’s Top Givers list at number 24. The foundation mainly focuses their donations to the education sector. In 2015 alone, they gave away more than $3million to causes championing for education, which is 26% of their total donations.


In the same year, the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation gave away $357,000 to NGOs pushing for education reforms in the USA. This shows the priority they have given to education, and I believe it is one of the factors that got Betsy the coveted post of Secretary of Education. In a recent interview, Dick DeVos said that they hope to find a better system to help teachers be more efficient in educating every child in the USA.