Securus Puts Customer Feedback on Display, Details its Role in Crime Prevention

Securus Technologies has long been known as a company proud to provide technology and services to correctional facilities and law enforcement agencies across North America. This has also contributed to an understanding of what’s needed in order to minimize the proliferation of crime and keep correctional facilities safe for both inmates and staff.


Proud of what they know and the recognition earned for applying that experience, Securus has published a collection of feedback from customers across states and agencies that show a working relationship based on reliability and innovation. These consist of letters, electronic correspondence and the traditional paper kind, that show how Securus’s tech solutions have made stressful jobs and potentially dangerous work environments a little easier to navigate and maintain for the sake of public safety.


Securus’s Chairman and CEO, Richard A. Smith, said that feedback from clients is essential to the company’s business model. With such comments, Securus can better analyze just how they are conducting business and whether or not they have the confidence and support of this niche industry. Nearly every week Securus releases some new technology or service to be used by law enforcement. How they are released, how they interface with users, and nearly all the minutia of software development and continued service relies upon the flow of communication between Securus and their customers, Smith remarked.


The feedback comes to Securus by the thousands, and Smith has found that much of this feedback reassures him of the company’s role in maintaining public safety by helping law enforcement and corrections officials do their jobs. The level of praise the company continually receives has set a tone internally and has helped to define how they conduct business, and that adaptability is part of the reason Smith sees Securus as part of law enforcement and corrections for years to come.


Publishing this feedback to the public comes with a reminder from Securus Technologies that they have a standing open invitation to clients of their competitors and potential investors to walk into their campus in Dallas, Texas to see just how they conduct business and continue to be the premiere provider of technological solutions to law enforcement and correctional facilities.