Jim Tananbaum Supports Mindstrong Health in Developing New Transformative Platform

Mindstrong Health, a leading technology startup that focuses on research and development of new technology to aid in the diagnosis and management of behavioral disorders, said that it has received $14 million in its first round of funding. The announcement was made by Paul Dagum, the CEO and founder of Mindstrong Health. Among the investors that contributed to this round of funding were Optum Ventures, ARCH Venture Partners, One Mind Brain Health Impact Fund, and Foresite Capital.

According to Patient Daily, the new platform developed by Mindstrong provides information about people’s brain function through monitoring their smartphone use. This is a big breakthrough in the diagnosis and treatment of behavioral disorders as it provides objective measures which can be used, resulting in better outcomes for the patients. Jim Tananbaum, the CEO and Managing Director of Foresite Capital, expressed his faith in the leadership of Mindstrong Health, and believes that the new platform will greatly improve the quality of care that people suffering from mental disorders receive. The results of the clinical trial are yet to be released by Mindstrong Health.

About Jim Tananbaum

Jim Tananbaum is a seasoned healthcare investor and entrepreneur with more than 25 years’ experience. He is an expert in clinical pharmacology, genetic epidemiology, and clinical immunology and uses his expertise in these fields to support healthcare startups through Foresite Capital. Through the various companies he started, he has helped several healthcare startups establish themselves and grow into successful businesses. Visit Insider Monkey to know more.

In a report by Drewaltizer, Jim made it to the 2017 Forbes Midas’ List, which names the top 100 investors in tech startups. Jim was also on the 2015 and 2016 Forbes’ Midas List, showing just how good an investor he is. He is a risk taker, but his experience has taught him not to be reckless in his investment decisions. Therefore, he carefully analyses investment opportunities, and uses his foresight in deciding whether to invest in something or not.


Mindstrong’s new platform is bound to completely transform the treatment of mental disorders. People suffering from these disorders will be able to get accurate diagnoses of their ailments and receive proper care, greatly improving their outcomes. With the support of experts like Jim Tananbaum, the platform is expected to be a huge success.

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Hospital Copa Star Opens a Branch in Rio De Janeiro

The amazing thing about hospital Copa Star is that they propose an exclusive facility possessing luxurious service. Most interesting is that they employ the modern day technology. It took three years to build the beautiful facility located in an equally wonderful city. It is located in the Figueiredo Magalhães Street, making an entirely new standard in the healthcare community. What makes Copa Star stand out is their ability to synthesize various strategies. They yoke quality service with comfort, luxury, and erudite technology. Rede D’Or São Luiz takes pride in implementing the architectural model of the hospital. Most people liken it to a five-star hotel. Sitting on twenty-one thousand square meters and seven stories is no joke. It makes people marvel at the magnificence of the structure.

Hospital Copa Star; Exclusive Nature and why it is an Ideal Choice

Talking of innovation and refinement, Copa Star takes the lead in defining such. The level of autonomy is not experienced anywhere else in the world. Their smart systems allow the inpatients to communicate with doctors whenever the need arises. They only need to do some clicks on the provided iPads, and it gets done. As well, the patient’s beds are highly automated, allowing complete comfort. Additionally, they have a system that allows the interns to regulate lighting and also open and close curtains. You will realize you have all the reasons to hire a personalized service. The stretchers are adequate, and so are the health professionals. People who appreciate Hospital Copa Star do so because of its input, and not just for the aesthetic value.

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Training Sessions Conducted to Refine Quality Service at Copa Star

The hospital integrates its current flows with a complete focus on the patients and their loved ones. To ensure professionalism, the staff members were thoroughly trained before its opening. They had two months of taking various simulations and tests. Out of their 550 employees, 113 are doctors. Apart from training on handling patients, they were also trained on how to dress appropriately. It further extended to their mannerisms as well as how they wear makeup. Rede D’Or São Luiz intends to expound the model and spread it to other major centers within the country.

In hospitals, you would not expect to experience so much beauty. At Hospital Copa Star, the case is entirely different. You encounter some beautiful arts right on the walls of the entrance. They run through the corridors on which you walk as you make your way in. When coupled with quality customer service, you get the ultimate solution for your problems. Proceeding on into the medical, neurosurgery and hybrid rooms, you experience a friendly environment. You do not even smell the common drugs like in most hospitals. The state-of-the-art care is on an entirely different level. Read more at Scoopnest.com about Copa Star.

How the Healthcare Industry Rushed to Manage Their Online Presence

Recent social media trends are showing that patients, not just angry restaurant visitors, are taking their tales of bad experiences to the public. The entire healthcare industry has been focusing on using an older scoring system to maintain records of overall patient satisfaction. A system that many in the medical field are saying must be done away with. In addition to dated scoring systems, many in the healthcare industry felt that they did not know how to engage the public. Unfortunately, many within the world of health care have no system in place to accurately measure their reputation with the general public.

Another drawback to using an old in-person survey system was getting patients to complete it. In these modern times, people are far more likely to voice their concerns on Twitter or Facebook than they are to write out their experience on a paper form. Many take to social media to express to the world what they are feeling at any given moment. One healthcare provider knew the value of establishing a social media presence; they just needed a bit of help to realize their vision.

Providence Health knew that something had to be done about their online reputation management. Enlisting the help of the Binary Foundation and Press Ganey, Providence Health now had a system that could take online ratings and reviews and put them into an actionable plan. Since implementing this plan, Providence Health has seen a 25-29% increase in total page views for their website, according to a story published on cio.com.

The methods to determine how to create a better system than the days of the paper survey are still being fine tuned. There is currently no widely used online reputation management system in place for the healthcare industry. However, like professionals who develop cures for diseases in the medical field, technology is making the dream of better customer engagement for healthcare organizations a reality. After seeing the immense importance of what customer said about their industry on social media, healthcare organization all across the country rushed to fix an outdated issue.