Wen Plus Puppies Equals Love And Beauty

Chaz Dean loves his Labrador retriever family. They join him at work, while traveling and are even with him on QVC appearances. Initially, two brothers (Hunter and Spencer) plus their sister, Ella the trio became part of the salon family welcoming clients as well as staff. When Ella passed, she was sorely missed, but respectfully replaced by Riley June and Bella Moon, pups from the same Dad as the original trio. They are also meticulously groomed with Wen products and Chaz considers them his children. They are indeed beautiful animals!

But the puppies aside, the Chaz Dean empire stands on a strong foundation built from his all natural hair care product line.  Having not used traditional shampoos on his own hair or that of his clients since 1993, Chaz has created and educated his clients how to gain and maintain beautiful, healthy hair. Chaz doesn’t even use the word “shampoo” to describe his products. Minus toxic bleaches, peroxides, sulfates and detergents, Chaz is making the world more beautiful and healthy one client at a time. The strong foundation is his Cleansing Conditioner, available in multiple sizes and scents, which include fruits, plants or veggies. He even offers a short, seven question hair quiz on his web site that allows him to help you select the very best products you need for your hair.

With a giving and compassionate heart, Chaz works hard to raise awareness of human needs and his listing of worthy charities grows as well.

Purchase and use of the Wen product line is a win-win-win proposition.