Meet The Chainsmokers: An Interview With Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart

The Chainsmokers, a band which recently broke through to the mainstream with the success of the song “Closer,” are more unusual than most people realize. The Chainsmokers are a band comprised of DJs, and because of that, a majority of their songs don’t feature any vocals from themselves. Instead, a majority of their vocals are from others and then mixed in. However, the previously-mentioned “Closer” diverts from this expectation. In “Closer,” Andrew Taggart performs a signifiant singing role alongside Halsey.

Despite the fact that “Closer” subverts the expectations of a “DJ-band” to some extent, the direction of the song is something that The Chainsmokers continue to go forward with. The group wants to “weave intimacy into the genre” and become more familiar and personal with their audience than other similar music groups typically do. Both Andrew Taggar and Alex Pall have interesting thoughts about the upcoming changes and transitions that The Chainsmokers intend to make, and a recent interview of the two by Interview Magazine sheds interesting light into their ambitions.

The interview begins by asking Pall how the two started, which is an interesting question given the amount the two are currently required to collaborate. In response, Pall discussed how he was a DJ for a majority of his early years. During this time, Pall kept “DJing” purely as a side-venture, but his love of it pushed him to pursuing being a DJ full time. Shortly after this commitment, his manager introduced to the Chainsmokers’ other half, Andrew Taggart. In a later question, Pall went on to say that him and Taggart quickly knew what one another “brought to the table.” Essentially, they developed a synergy quick.

Pall was also asked about nature of being a “DJ duo” and the particular challenges that such a role brings on. In response, Taggart described the initial challenge of creating a “DJ sound” that breaks away from other music and possesses an individuality. He also discussed a moment where him and Pall suddenly decided that they no longer wanted to create dance music, and instead began work on music that blends a number of different genres and is free of any strict expectation,

The Chainsmokers hard work manifested in the success of “Closer,” and there is no doubt the band will continue to experience growth as they experiment with different styles of music. The pair that makes up the band is ambitious, and their dedication to doing something special is clear.