A new policy ascended to by President Obama in June 2012, brought alive Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, a program allowing citizenship among other liberties to young people who came to the United States as children. There is a long list of prerequisite fulfillment that individuals have to meet, including a clean record of no conviction over a felony or misdemeanor, among others.

The program has nonetheless come under sharp criticism and threat from extremist members of the GOP. In Texas, Attorney General Ken Paxton threatens to take legal action against the Trump administration if the policy is not rescinded by early September. His letter has been backed by nine attorneys and one governor from red states and this is a cause for alarm. Speedy actions must be taken to avoid elimination of the program all together.

In a closed door meeting with the Hispanic Caucus, Secretary of Homeland Security, John Kelly confirmed that the program is facing challenging times, pointing in particular, to the legal cases that have been raised against it.


That the program has been wonderfully beneficial to participants is not in question. Now in its fifth year, it has benefited over 800 00 members and their input to the economy cannot be underestimated.

About 95% of people under the program are working,schooling or both, thus pumping millions of dollars to learning institutions across the country. Under the program, they are able to earn higher salaries and subsequently pay higher taxes. Thus, their investment and economic contribution in the United States is also threatened if their program is to be abolished.

United We Dream (DREAMers) and its more than 50 affiliate organizations and allies have a reason to be worried.As the largest immigrant youth organization with over 100,00 members, the effect of abolishing DACA would deal a hard blow to its members.

Even as the Frontera Fund, under Lacey and Larking continues to give information and support to such organizations, it is prudent that quick actions be taken to find an amicable solution.DREAMers have already petitioned the Attorney General and Members of Congress to publicly defend it and do all that is within their powers to protect the program.


Since coming to power, the Trump administration has made unpopular moves that threatens immigrants. This has resulted to aggressive organization by interest groups, in an effort to overturn the situation. The negative effects of abolishing the program surely need not a detailed economic, social or political analysis.

On the other hand, interested organizations must marshal resources and come to the rescue of protective and progressive polices.

As Adrian Reyna, a DREAMer, observed in the petition letter addressed to the Attorney General and the Congress Keeping DACA in place is an important step in preserving the dignity and respect of immigrants