Kevin Seawright; The Man to Learn From

Kevin Seawright is both a leader and a wily businessman. Over his 14 years of experience, he has been a success and a trailblazer in both of his professional fields. Learn more about Kevin Seawright:

Kevin is currently the vice president and chief financial officer of Newark Economic Development Corporation. The corporation has responsibility for developing business strategies and streamline the business of which he is a significant contributor.

Having a flawless resume from working as an executive level finance, human resource management, and capital operations for 13 years, he has a profound and extensive experience in the business and leadership.

He currently managed over 600 million dollars in capital, construction, educational and facilities project in his tenure. He has been an instrumental in the growth and sustainability of business in the community of the East Coast. Read more: Kevin Seawright Joins Newark Community Economic Development Corporation

He managed to grow from a humble begging to be the man with the expertise to assemble a set of skills set of a business leader with a propensity of establishing an excellent staff rapport, client, leaders and functional managers that are the constituents that make a business success.

His accomplishments have not gone unnoticed. He has received several awards for his financial success. He was a nominee for Met Life receipt of bridges to the future award in the year 2010 for the financial and operations professionals.

He has been a social media influencer having a massive following from those who follow his advice and those who idolize him as a professional. He uses these platforms to inform and guide the masses. He is available on LinkedIn, Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook.

Kevin Seawright is an MBA holder and is currently furthering his horizons in the Notre Dame Mendoza School of Business for training in the executive leadership. He has also served as an advisory board member for the Babe Ruth Museum and has undertaken several community responsibilities by being a local youth sports coach.

He has the membership to some regulatory and professional bodies such as the American Society for Public Administration, the national forum for black public administrator among many others.

Bob Reina: He’s Extraordinary

Sometimes you wake up and you read things online, and it just makes you sad. It is sad to know that things are happening the way they are happening in the world today. In many cases, it can bring a tear to your eye. That is why someone like Bob Reina is extraordinary. He is spreading positive news and positive vibes all over the Internet. He made a donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society, which was said to have saved countless animal lives. Who doesn’t love animals? These types of places need as much help as they can get as they are sometimes overcrowded and overpopulated. This was a great gesture by Bob Reina.


One of the things people enjoy about Bob Reina is the fact that he is a man of his word. When he says something, he does it. He is not one to just talk about something and then forget about it a few days later. When he mentions something, he goes out and delivers the goods. When he says he is on a mission to change lives, he creates Talk Fusion, which has been around since 2007. It is a video communications company for people that are looking to change their lives in a better way.


They need more and they want more. Quite frankly, there is nothing, at all, selfish about that. That is normal. People should be demanding more out of their lives. There is no need to be simply going to a job, punching in, and punching out. That is just that, a job. For Bob Reina, a job should not feel like a job. If they use Talk Fusion, they will see they can accomplish a lot with their lives. They can accomplish anything, as a matter of fact when they use their video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats.


Talk Fusion is always looking to add new things to the mix and they want to keep it fresh and exciting for the customer. The customers are saying so far, so good and to keep up the good work!