Jose Hawilla: Entrepreneur Success

Nowadays, more and more people are betting on entrepreneur success. Unfortunately, it isn’t for everyone. Most effective entrepreneurs share common work ethics and personality traits. They have perseverance, positive personalities, and a passion for what they are doing. They also start their business in an environmentally friendly location for added achievement.

Great entrepreneurs are driven in their work by their personalities. They want initiative and independence in their careers. It takes working weekends, holidays, and very long hours at their startups. The companies are typically smaller, so it takes a faster reaction when dealing with threats and taking advantage of opportunities. Profitability and operations of the company can decline if the entrepreneur can’t give a quick response. For more details visit LinkedIn.

Entrepreneurs have a different outlook then managers at companies. They work for themselves and therefore take full ownership for what they do. They also have family and personal motivations along with a true dedication to their business. An entrepreneur personality never works well in corporate organizations.

Effective entrepreneurs use good locations for startup companies. The United States is the top country for entrepreneurship according to the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Index. Canada comes in second, followed by Australia, Denmark, Sweden, Taiwan, Iceland, and Switzerland. The U.S. offers tax incentives for small businesses and small company loans. Starting a business in the United States gives entrepreneurs more leverage and a better opportunity for success. Check out meioemensagem

Jose Hawilla was born in Sao Paulo. He is a writer, entrepreneur, and a top influential Brazilian man. He owns Traffic, a network of Brazilian newspapers, Rede Globo affiliates, Good Morning Catanduva, Good Morning Marilia, Good Morning Fernandopolis, Good Morning Rio Preto, Bom Dia Bauru, and Rede Bom Dia.

For ten years, Jose Hawilla was employed as a television and radio reporter. He then graduated with a degree in Law and worked as a producer, commentator, and presenter. Some of the opportunities were covering main sporting events such as the World Cup, Olympics, and Formula 1 racing.

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Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein was born in 1952 in Haifa, Israel. His parents both came from different parts of the world. His father came from Argentina in 1948(same year the State was founded) and his mother also immigrated to Israel from Mexico in 1949, a year later. They were both only 18 and 19 at the time. Adam Milstein’s father became a combat sailor and was a part of Israel’s Independence. His parents got married to each other in 1950 and had Adam as their first child. In his early childhood years Adam Milstein’s family moved from Haifa to Kiryat Yam and then to Kiryat Motzkin. A few years later in the late 1950’s Adam’s siblings were born.

In 1971 Adam Milstein was enlisted and joined the Israel Defense Force. It was a mandatory service and he served his years during the Yom Kippur War in 1973. Milstein also fought in the Egyptian front war and was under General Ariel Sharon. He had a part in the crossing of the Suez Canal and also a hand in the encirclement of the Egyptian Third Army. A little while after he joined the Technion and in 1978 he graduated with his Bachelor of Science degree in business and economics. Later Milestein decided to join his father and help grown his real estate construction/development business.

Adam Milstein later went on to marry a woman by the name of Gila Elgrably, back in his home of Haifa in the early 1980’s. He decided to then take his family and head to the United States to live. Adam went on to achieve his Master of Business Administration degree after completing his classes from the University of Southern California in 1983. Soon after he chose to start working in the real estate business as a sale agent.

Today Adam Milstein works as a managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties. He is the overseer of the entire firms finances, dispositions and accounting. Twiiter

Eric Lefkofsky: Medical Businessman and Entrepreneur

Eric Lefkofsky is a well-known medical businessman and entrepreneur who established Tempus. He is known among his colleagues as a hardworking individual, and he is described as a dedicated man who would do everything to achieve his goals. The creation of Tempus is one of his greatest feats, and the reason why he created the company is for him to help people suffering from cancer. He wanted to create a system that can store an unlimited number of information that can be used among the scientists who are working to find a cure for the disease. He is optimistic that the cure for cancer will be discovered in his lifetime, because of the extensive partnership among the scientists today and the usage of newer technologies which allow faster communication and transfer of information.

Tempus is a tech company that focuses on health technology. He is currently focusing on managing Tempus because of the unlimited potential and opportunities that can knock on its doors. Tempus is already helping the oncologists around the world to treat their patients effectively, and because of the information available online, oncologists discover more treatment options for the patients. He knows that this breakthrough would shape the field of medicine, and he is positive that the technology he created will be used in the future to combat different diseases.

Partnering with different universities and educational institutions, Eric Lefkofsky led a group of scientists in creating Tempus. He asked them to enumerate the treatment options that they know, and he is putting all of this information on the system. They also uploaded information related to a patient’s genetic code, and they have been working tirelessly to perfect the system. They are now working with some educational institutions and medical facilities around the world to gather more data about customers who are diagnosed with cancer. Today, Tempus continues to amaze scientists who have never seen the same technology. Eric Lefkofsky is hoping that the technology he created would be further improved, as the government started to realize its potential and how it will help the society.

Looking Back With Daniel Taub

Standing in the presence of the Queen of England is an intimidating privilege, especially standing in front of her as a former citizen who renounced citizenship in favor of relocating elsewhere.

But former Israeli Ambassador to the UK, Daniel Taub, was able to do just that. Decked out in the finery expected for such an occasion, the crisp suit and mirror-shined shoes were topped off by the addition of his kippah, something not as often seen in the halls of St. James.

Born in the UK in 1962 Daniel Taub would spend his early years studying at University College, Oxford, University College, London, and Harvard University. In 1989, Taub moved to Israel where he worked in the Israel Defense Forces as a combat medic, and later in the IDF’s international law division as a reserve officer.

He also worked as a speechwriter for President Chaim Herzog during this period and joined the Israeli Foreign Ministry in 1991. It is here that he started to work towards strengthening the relationship between his ancient homeland of Israel and his birth land of the UK. Read more: Daniel Taub – Crunchbase

In 2011 Daniel Taub became the ambassador to the Court of St James’s, only the second UK born Israeli to do so. In his years in this position, he has weathered all of the crises that came his way with both a deep understanding of the Israel perspective but with that of the UK as well. He is aware of the delicate situation in the Middle East, and the challenges they present. Learn more about Daniel Taub:

This is where he saw an opportunity to delve into the issues with his unique perspective. He hopes the next ambassador will continue to strengthen the relationship with the UK, and in particular the Labor Party, where he sees many common bonds. He states on the party; “They have so much in common – the belief in freedom of speech, the position of women and of minorities, attitudes to homosexuals. Learn more about Daniel Taub:

Progressive support for Israel should not be that complicated. If you think of the progressive values that are most important to Israel, they are the same progressive values.”

Now planning to move back full time to Israel, Daniel Taub looks back fondly on his years as ambassador, and his years living in the UK. He and his wife Zehava have been active members of the Orthodox Jewish community in the UK, a vibrant community they’ll miss.

Boraie Giving Back To The Community In Its Unique Way

Boraie is a limited liability company that is focused on almost every aspect of the development of the urban real estate market. Over the years Boraie has concentrated on real estate development, property management and even property sales and marketing. The company has a team of highly motivated staff members that are committed to creating magnificent properties while at the same time offering unparalleled service to its customers.

Boraie’s boasts of the fact that it has been working with some of the most influential financial institutions together with architects who have great vision spanning a period that exceeds 30 years. The contractors that work with Boraie understand the importance of completing projects promptly. These are some of the factors that have propelled Boraie to success.

This summer, as reported by The New Jersey stage, Sam Boraie in partnership with The Provident Bank is sponsoring the local community to watch six movies at the state theater. All the six films will be screened for free providing individuals and families with an opportunity to indulge in some of their favorite films at no cost at all at New Jerseys premier movie location since 1921.

According to Central Jersey Working Moms, moviegoers will be offered with an unrivaled movie experience thanks to the state theaters sophisticated digital projection equipment. At the theater, the audience will be able to watch the movies from the balcony just like the Hollywood glory days. Below are the movies that will be available for screening. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms.

The Honeymooners

For individuals who grew up in the tri-state region, there is a high probability that they grew up watching this show during its original run on television. For those who never got the chance to watch it years ago, even on subsequent re-runs, the state theater is the place to be to witness the coming to life of the two couples as never seen before.

Arts Unbound

Back in 2000, Catherine Lazen got inspired and created an art school which would go on and champion individuals with disabilities. The movie was fittingly titled Arts Unbound. It is hard to believe that 17 years later, the non-profit organization would be still providing education in fine arts to giving gallery exhibition spaces to approximately 300 artists yearly. This has gone ahead to challenge the stigma and lack of viable employment opportunities faced by disabled persons.

Other movies that will be available for screening include; The Net Will Appear and The Inner Struggles Of Deidre Forest.

Daniel Taub Promotes UK-Israeli Relations

Former Israeli Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Daniel Taub helped usher in a golden age of trade between Israel and the United Kingdom. In just four short years as UK ambassador, Daniel Taub helped double the amount of trade between the UK and Israel. He also helped foster academic, business and cultural ties between the two nations as well.

There are now more than 300 Israeli businesses with a presence in Great Britain, and Daniel Taub was no doubt instrumental in helping that happen.

The Israeli-Britain Chamber of Commerce estimates that the trade between the two nations is worth around $5.5 billion dollars annually. The British Secretary of State’s Office for Business, Innovation and Skills has an even higher estimate at $7 billion dollars worth of trade each year between Great Britain and Israel.

Daniel Taub was born and raised in the United Kingdom. He begun his appointment as UK ambassador in 2011 and left in 2015. Mr. Taub even managed to travel to Northern Ireland as a part of a team that was negotiating for peace between the Israelis and Palestinians. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

The hope was that both the Israelis and Palestinians could learn from the situation in Northern Ireland when it comes to peace and apply it back home in the Middle East.

Mr. Taub has also been known to be a strong supporter of him home country of Israel. In 2012, the Israeli ambassador to the UK expressed concern that anti-Israeli sentiment was gaining a foothold on college campuses. Read more: Daniel Taub – Crunchbase

He also expressed alarm that pro-Israel voices were being shut down in universities. This was expressed in an interview before one of the biggest student groups in the UK managed to pass a resolution that called for boycotting the nation of Israel.

Daniel Taub has also tackled antisemitism and anti-Israeli sentiment head on as well. In 2014, British parliamentarian and well known antisemite, George Galloway declared the city he represents as an Israeli free city.

Daniel Taub was not intimated by Galloway’s words and visited the city of Bradford to speak with community and faith leaders there.

In addition to serving as a diplomat, Daniel Taub is a writer and legal expert. He has written articles that have been published in media outlets such as the Huff Post, The Times of England and the Guardian.

Mr. Taub also helped write the script for an Israeli drama show called HeChatzer. The show attempts to debunk stereotypes of Israeli religious groups.=

Goettl Continues to Make Big Improvements

Recently, BizJournals talked about what was going on at Goettl and the changes that they were making. They saw that the company acquired a SoCal company and they were able to use that to make sure that they were expanding their business. They wanted people to realize that they could have a positive experience and they wanted them to get the most out of the options that they had. Because of this, Goettl continued offering different solutions for air conditioning in the Arizona place that they were located in. The company knew that many people needed their help and they decided that they would be able to help an even larger number of people if they made the choice to expand into the SoCal area that would make them even more popular in the future.

Because of this, Goettl continues to be successful and sees a lot of business from people who are in different situations. The company knows a lot about what they are able to do and they can help others with the issues that they have. It is what has made Goettl a popular company and what has made it easier for them to try and make things better for all of their clients.

According to some people who use Goettl now may be surprised that the company has not been the best for its entire length of business. In fact, the company sometimes struggled with the options that they had and that made things difficult on the people who were in those situations. It was what made Goettl special and what gave people the options that they needed that changed the company. They were able to focus on customer service and that is what gave them all of the options that they needed to be able to help even more of the customers that they had in different situations.

Since things have gotten better, Goettl is doing everything possible to expand their opportunities. They know what they want and they will stop at nothing to get it. They try their best to make things easier and to show people what they can get out of different situations and that is what has set them apart from others. Since Goettl continues to grow and get better, people are able to see the positive parts of the company and how they are able to make a difference for all of their clients. Visit for more info.

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