New York Times’ Report about George Soros Missed the Key Valid Information on His Humanitarian Acts

In 2010, Fox News covered a story on George Soros that focused on his actions, quotes, and reputation. The show, hosted by Glenn Back, was edited to include a portrayal of the Jewish livelihood at the beginning of the 20th century and fading quotations with remarks about the worldwide recognized philanthropic on Forbes. A further publication written by author Connie Bruck about George Soros, published in the New York Times titled “The world according to Soros.”

The two productions defamed and continuously misrepresented George Soros.

George Soros is well known as an anti-Semite, an active hedge fund investor and contributor to the liberal movement.

George Soros is a Budapest native born in 1930 during the Nazi reign. He grew up always escaping the rule of the Nazis and Fascist surrogates by hiding out. His father disguised the family’s roots in Jewishness by forging identity documents that protected them from the harsh punishments of the then authorities. After years of surviving Communism, George moved to England to join The London School of Economics, where he began his specializing in financial markets.

In 1956, George worked at Wall Street and climbed his way to the 35th position of the richest people in the world according to Forbes magazine. His lucrative primary inclination was correct speculation and prediction of stock and currency. While in the US, his parents later joined him after the Hungarian Revolution was destroyed by Soviet unions, making them refugees. George’s has expanded his philanthropic support to the liberal institutions and advocate groups internationally.

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Beck’s show on Fox News missed the critical information that makes up George Soros’ old stand against Semitism and communism. The Anti-Defamation League, the Commentary, a neoconservative body, Reason the libertarian bible denounced the shows message The denouncers, who are regular supporters of Beck’s shows, did not share the same negative assumptions about George Soros.

Beck went further to spew more derogatory lies about George on his radio show by excluding vital information about the motivation for George Soros’ findings to revolutions. George contributed to the Velvet Revolution in the Czech Republic in Ukraine, and to the Rose Revolution in Georgia. His aim was to end the communism present in the nations. He also lied that the business icon was a contributor to the coups in Slovakia, Yugoslavia, and Croatia. His claims are unproven and invalid as there are no known records of such donations by George Soros.

Beck is an entertainer who likes to label his high points of views as jokes and is perplexed when sometimes part of his audience does not understand his talks. Beck follows guidelines from his superiors Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch, who also share his perception on present day Nazism influence. During Soros’ 80th birthday celebration, Lord Mark Malloch publicly supported the anticommunist movement led by George Soros through his organization, Open Society. He named George as one of the four people who have supported the end of communism among Ronald Regan, Margaret Thatcher, and Pope John Paul the second. See: