How to Optimize Your Site’s Marketing Campaign with A/B Testing

When a business owner is trying to operate a successful website, there are many different things that he or she will be tasked with doing. Some of the most essential is making sure that each element of the site, is optimized to its full potential. In some cases, the owner and their representatives can easily see what works and what does not. Meaning the ads that are run on the site may have a high conversion rate and it is easy to see. On the other hand, the marketing campaign may not be easy to assess due to a variety of factors. Instead, the owner may need the right kinds of tools and resources to analyze their campaign.

Having said that, there are a number of different options, that can be used to make clear distinctions. One of which involves using some of the latest advanced tools and resources such as A/B testing and artificial intelligence. A/B testing is ideal for site owners who want to maximize their efforts, while also saving time in getting things done as quickly as possible. To that end, here are two things that you need to know about A/B testing.

Testing gives businesses a chance to compare to different marketing plans for the site

If a business owner is interested in changing marketing promotions on the site, they may be a little hesitant and apprehensive amount making aggressive changes to their plans. Since aggressive plans may negatively affect their conversion rates, owners want to know more before the new plan is deployed. Fortunately, with the side by side testing that A/B test scenarios provide, the owner will have the documentation that they need to make an informed decision.

Takes the Guess Work Out

Another great benefit of this testing is it takes the guesswork out. For instance, if the marketing team would know how big the conversion rate difference is between the old plan to the new plan, they can obtain the information that they need in advance. For instance, this type of testing will give the owner the site the actual percentages differences between both the old marketing and the new marketing strategies.


Whenever a site owner is interested in modifying their current marketing plan to a new strategy, there are several different factors involved. To make these types of decisions much easier, the site owner and their representatives may decide to use the latest innovations and tools called A/B testing, specifically as it relates to artificial intelligence.