The Academy of Arts Encourages Creative growth

The Academy of Arts is very focused on providing an environment where creativity can thrive and where their students will be challenged. The Academy even offers an undergraduate program that encourages its students to really think outside the box.

The Art Academy offers an inclusive policy for admissions so that anyone wanting and willing to learn will have the opportunity to obtain a higher education in the arts. The Academy offers educators who are able to train and mold its students into successful people who can express themselves through their art by integrating their feelings into what they do. The Academy offers full and part-time career artists, scholars, and designers to help their students to reach their fullest potential.

The Academy of Arts is preparing many individuals for the arts as well as design and communication fields by offering excellent and thorough graduate and undergraduate degrees and programs. The Academy is well-equipped to teach many students no matter what their background, culture, or age may be. The school offers support and collaboration to help foster growth and learning. The Academy also upholds ethical standards and integrity to create an atmosphere of respect and understanding.

New York Fashion Week is where a select few can showcase their creations for a few minutes. There are countless hours that go into the unique designs that will make their appearance on the runway and this season, ten MFA and BFA graduates were able to show off their menswear and womenswear fashions.

Designers such as Hailun Zhou, Eden Slezin, Dina Marie Lam, and Carlos Rodriguez were able to share their creations that incorporated unique materials, and that reflected a piece of their backgrounds and experiences.

Joanna Jadallah used a unique combination of wool, lambskin leather, brocades, and cashmere knits to make her collection stand out. Cana Klebanoff was inspired by castles and Japanese armor. Ryan Yu drew on the beauty of light and darkness and used bold leather in white and black. Jelly Shan incorporated a feeling of joy and peace into her collection and the colors reflected this.

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