How Mathematician Michael Lacey Worked Magic With Numbers

Mathematics is considered by many to be one of the most difficult subjects one could tackle. One person, however, has excelled in the field of Mathematics for decades and has made some incredible breakthroughs in the field. That person, Michael Lacey, has been one of the most accomplished thinkers in the world of numbers. Read more: Michael Lacey | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey |Math Alliance

In 1987, graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a Doctorate degree in Mathematics. Studying under his mentor Walter Philipp, Dr. Lacey’s thesis involved work with Banach Space. While working on a problem involving the law of the iterated logarithm, Mr. Lacey was able to resolve a solution for the logarithm related to empirical characteristic functions.

From there, Michael Lacey took on a postdoctoral position at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as well as Louisana State University. It was during his time at Chapel Hill that Dr. Lacey was able to provide a proof for Central limit theorem with his mentor Walter Philipp.

The Central Limit Theorem involves independent random variables. And the fact that these independent random variables will fall into a normal distribution.

One example of this theorem put into practice is guessing the results of a set number of coin flips. For instance, if one were to flip a quarter one hundred times, the distribution of heads and tails would most likely be fifty results for heads and fifty results for tails.

After proving the central limit theorem, Michael Lacey found himself at Indiana University.

While at the university, Dr. Lacey continued his mathematical research which included a variety of subjects including work with the bilinear Hilbert transform. This important post-doctoral work helped cement the reputation of Dr. Lacey.

After Indiana Univerity, Dr. Lacey accepted a position at the Georgia Institute of Technology where he remains today. During his time at Georgia, Mr. Lacey received a Guggenheim Fellowship and was named a fellow of the American Mathematical Society. Today, Michael Lacey is considered one of the preeminent Mathematicians in the United States.

Shafik Sachedina

Most of the services taken in the Jamati institution are done on a voluntary basis. Dr Shafik Sachedina has taken a role as the Head Of Department, HOD, of Jamati institution. In this position, it is his responsibility to coordinate the activities of the Ismaili community institutions as well as act as the interface between the Ismaili communities in Central Asia and the Aga Khan Development Network programmes.

In as much as his appointment to this new position is by the Aga Khan, it is not constitutional. And as result, he does not give directives to the Ismaili institutions; he only coordinates their activities to ensure that they are in line with the directives given by the Aga Khan. He also coordinates their budgets to ensure that they are on track as per the directives given.

The Aga Khan has a long standing tradition of fostering understanding between the Ismaili community and other communities and religions. One of the ways in which this goal is achieved is through the Institute of Ismaili studies. This institution offers studies that foster understanding to all communities regardless of their religious or social standing. It is also a place where members of the Ismaili community come together to learn about their history and culture.

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Shafik Sachedina has a passion for serving the community. He has served in many voluntary capacities other than being the HOD of the Jamati Institution. He has served as the president of the Ismaili Council, been a member of the Aga Khan Development Network committee and the Chairman of FOCUS. Currently, he is part of the Aga Khan’s secretariat.

His passion to serve is seen not only in the voluntary positions he takes to serve the community, but also in his care for the elderly. He is the founder and owner of Sussex Healthcare; a group of homes that offer care for the elderly and adults who have learning a physical learning disabilities. They offer world class services to their clients to allow them interact better with their environment. Sussex is also known to be one of the best employers, giving its employees much needed training and benefits that are competitive in the market.

Shafik Sachedina’s interest in founding this health care facility was fanned by the entrepreneurial skills he had acquired during his practice as a dentist. After practicing as a dentist for years, he developed an interest to invest in the entrepreneurial sector of medicine. This saw him open his own practice and later Sussex Healthcare.

Doe Deere’s Insights Behind Making Profits At Lime Crime

Doe Deere has a glowing personality that’s reflected on the cosmetics that she both uses and sells at her company, Lime Crime Inc. Doe Deere has always loved wearing her hair and using lipsticks and makeup of bright exotic colors, and her Lime Crime brand has become a favorite among young women. Doe Deere has turned what was a part-time gig into a beautiful artistic passion of hers and shared some insights on how Lime Crime makes profits.


One of the primary reasons Lime Crime has done well is that it takes input from customers seriously and uses feedback in ideas for brand new products. Also, Doe Deere is willing to put out online contests and promotional events in which the winners can take home a Lime Crime product, and it was one reason her company name got out there in its early stage. Lime Crime is primarily sold online, but some cosmetic retailers and general department stores also sell the products.


Doe Deere was born in Russia but moved to the US when she was 17 to attend university in New York City. While spending most of her time studying, she spent the rest of it singing in a band that she hoped would make it to fame. It ultimately did not pan out that way, but she happened to meet her future husband while doing her singing gigs, and when it became clear her future was not in music, she went all in on cosmetics. Doe Deere actually had started out in fashion design attending one of New York City’s prestigious design schools in the garment district, but some time later she started feeling that she could do more on her own, and she started selling her own designed apparel on eBay. This first fashion company actually had the original name of Lime Crime, but Doe Deere felt she could improve on her apparel style by marketing it with photos of her with certain cosmetics. She began experimenting with makeup, lipsticks and hair colors, and soon she realized that cosmetics were what she truly wanted to sell.


Doe Deere soon started picking up more business from selling her new Lime Crime cosmetics, and by 2009 she saw her online sales reach levels like never before. Soon she had enough income to finance her own company, and she and her husband moved to Los Angeles in 2011 and officially opened Lime Crime’s headquarters. Doe Deere has partnered with a lab company that works with her on colors and finished dyes, lipsticks, makeup and eyeliner products, but she’s made it clear that nothing hits the market until she’s personally tried it on. For some who may not understand what Lime Crime is about, they may think it’s a little outside the norm to display Lime Crime’s products the way Doe Deere has, but Doe Deere says her unicorn logo for the company was chosen because she wants every girl to be able to let their true self out no matter their taste. Learn more:

Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein was born in 1952 in Haifa, Israel. His parents both came from different parts of the world. His father came from Argentina in 1948(same year the State was founded) and his mother also immigrated to Israel from Mexico in 1949, a year later. They were both only 18 and 19 at the time. Adam Milstein’s father became a combat sailor and was a part of Israel’s Independence. His parents got married to each other in 1950 and had Adam as their first child. In his early childhood years Adam Milstein’s family moved from Haifa to Kiryat Yam and then to Kiryat Motzkin. A few years later in the late 1950’s Adam’s siblings were born.

In 1971 Adam Milstein was enlisted and joined the Israel Defense Force. It was a mandatory service and he served his years during the Yom Kippur War in 1973. Milstein also fought in the Egyptian front war and was under General Ariel Sharon. He had a part in the crossing of the Suez Canal and also a hand in the encirclement of the Egyptian Third Army. A little while after he joined the Technion and in 1978 he graduated with his Bachelor of Science degree in business and economics. Later Milestein decided to join his father and help grown his real estate construction/development business.

Adam Milstein later went on to marry a woman by the name of Gila Elgrably, back in his home of Haifa in the early 1980’s. He decided to then take his family and head to the United States to live. Adam went on to achieve his Master of Business Administration degree after completing his classes from the University of Southern California in 1983. Soon after he chose to start working in the real estate business as a sale agent.

Today Adam Milstein works as a managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties. He is the overseer of the entire firms finances, dispositions and accounting. Twiiter

Security And The Need To Pay

Security in the private industry is the most important task to be accomplished. Private facilities are those that are operated by governmental agencies and need to be protected from infiltrations of all kinds. This governmental level of operation requires safety measures that we don’t have to consider in the daily lives we live.


The leading agency in this area of industry is called Securus Technologies. Securus works to specifically offer the U.S. government with advance technologies. This differs greatly from offering the nation with manufacturing or construction components. The specific developments of technology is what Securus deals with and to meet the advances of criminals worldwide.



There’s No Better Time For Data Protection


The recent progress made by Securus deals with how technology is now in the hands of criminals, and these components are competitive and advanced. Securus recently acquired GovPayNet as a result of the expansions seen in the criminal world. The GovPayNet agency works to leverage safe transactions and in a manner that’s also manageable.


The modern world forces U.S. agencies and individuals to take larger safety steps when dealing with money and how information is used to complete transactions. The addition made by Securus enables the agency to remain a leader in its field and to secure better intelligence that the United States government can ultimately use.



Expanding In The Direction Of Logic


Securus’ recent expansion moves on the basis of logic. The world is no longer a paper and pen society. The society we live in is digital and uses technology and many other devices that are solely operated by electricity. This aspect of society could be deemed dangerous should agencies like Securus fail to follow through on the responsibility it has.


This responsibility is in staying miles ahead of the technology curve.

Eric Lefkofsky: Medical Businessman and Entrepreneur

Eric Lefkofsky is a well-known medical businessman and entrepreneur who established Tempus. He is known among his colleagues as a hardworking individual, and he is described as a dedicated man who would do everything to achieve his goals. The creation of Tempus is one of his greatest feats, and the reason why he created the company is for him to help people suffering from cancer. He wanted to create a system that can store an unlimited number of information that can be used among the scientists who are working to find a cure for the disease. He is optimistic that the cure for cancer will be discovered in his lifetime, because of the extensive partnership among the scientists today and the usage of newer technologies which allow faster communication and transfer of information.

Tempus is a tech company that focuses on health technology. He is currently focusing on managing Tempus because of the unlimited potential and opportunities that can knock on its doors. Tempus is already helping the oncologists around the world to treat their patients effectively, and because of the information available online, oncologists discover more treatment options for the patients. He knows that this breakthrough would shape the field of medicine, and he is positive that the technology he created will be used in the future to combat different diseases.

Partnering with different universities and educational institutions, Eric Lefkofsky led a group of scientists in creating Tempus. He asked them to enumerate the treatment options that they know, and he is putting all of this information on the system. They also uploaded information related to a patient’s genetic code, and they have been working tirelessly to perfect the system. They are now working with some educational institutions and medical facilities around the world to gather more data about customers who are diagnosed with cancer. Today, Tempus continues to amaze scientists who have never seen the same technology. Eric Lefkofsky is hoping that the technology he created would be further improved, as the government started to realize its potential and how it will help the society.

How to Optimize Your Site’s Marketing Campaign with A/B Testing

When a business owner is trying to operate a successful website, there are many different things that he or she will be tasked with doing. Some of the most essential is making sure that each element of the site, is optimized to its full potential. In some cases, the owner and their representatives can easily see what works and what does not. Meaning the ads that are run on the site may have a high conversion rate and it is easy to see. On the other hand, the marketing campaign may not be easy to assess due to a variety of factors. Instead, the owner may need the right kinds of tools and resources to analyze their campaign.

Having said that, there are a number of different options, that can be used to make clear distinctions. One of which involves using some of the latest advanced tools and resources such as A/B testing and artificial intelligence. A/B testing is ideal for site owners who want to maximize their efforts, while also saving time in getting things done as quickly as possible. To that end, here are two things that you need to know about A/B testing.

Testing gives businesses a chance to compare to different marketing plans for the site

If a business owner is interested in changing marketing promotions on the site, they may be a little hesitant and apprehensive amount making aggressive changes to their plans. Since aggressive plans may negatively affect their conversion rates, owners want to know more before the new plan is deployed. Fortunately, with the side by side testing that A/B test scenarios provide, the owner will have the documentation that they need to make an informed decision.

Takes the Guess Work Out

Another great benefit of this testing is it takes the guesswork out. For instance, if the marketing team would know how big the conversion rate difference is between the old plan to the new plan, they can obtain the information that they need in advance. For instance, this type of testing will give the owner the site the actual percentages differences between both the old marketing and the new marketing strategies.


Whenever a site owner is interested in modifying their current marketing plan to a new strategy, there are several different factors involved. To make these types of decisions much easier, the site owner and their representatives may decide to use the latest innovations and tools called A/B testing, specifically as it relates to artificial intelligence.

The Academy of Arts Encourages Creative growth

The Academy of Arts is very focused on providing an environment where creativity can thrive and where their students will be challenged. The Academy even offers an undergraduate program that encourages its students to really think outside the box.

The Art Academy offers an inclusive policy for admissions so that anyone wanting and willing to learn will have the opportunity to obtain a higher education in the arts. The Academy offers educators who are able to train and mold its students into successful people who can express themselves through their art by integrating their feelings into what they do. The Academy offers full and part-time career artists, scholars, and designers to help their students to reach their fullest potential.

The Academy of Arts is preparing many individuals for the arts as well as design and communication fields by offering excellent and thorough graduate and undergraduate degrees and programs. The Academy is well-equipped to teach many students no matter what their background, culture, or age may be. The school offers support and collaboration to help foster growth and learning. The Academy also upholds ethical standards and integrity to create an atmosphere of respect and understanding.

New York Fashion Week is where a select few can showcase their creations for a few minutes. There are countless hours that go into the unique designs that will make their appearance on the runway and this season, ten MFA and BFA graduates were able to show off their menswear and womenswear fashions.

Designers such as Hailun Zhou, Eden Slezin, Dina Marie Lam, and Carlos Rodriguez were able to share their creations that incorporated unique materials, and that reflected a piece of their backgrounds and experiences.

Joanna Jadallah used a unique combination of wool, lambskin leather, brocades, and cashmere knits to make her collection stand out. Cana Klebanoff was inspired by castles and Japanese armor. Ryan Yu drew on the beauty of light and darkness and used bold leather in white and black. Jelly Shan incorporated a feeling of joy and peace into her collection and the colors reflected this.

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Sweetgreen: Making People Happy and Healthy

There are some trends that become so popular that people can’t wait for them to take over their city. For health-crazed foodies, Sweetgreen is the ultimate destination. The only problem with Sweetgreen is that there isn’t enough of them. People stand outside Sweetgreen restaurants like they’re waiting to get the new iPhone.

So far, there are only 40 locations in nationwide, most of which are in California and New York. The company’s growing faster than anyone expected, so the co-CEOs have to catch up to the demand. One way they’re doing is by adopting new technology as it becomes available.

Technology is as useful as it is harmful. Luckily, the trio of CEOs all graduated from Georgetown University as entrepreneurial tech pioneers. Currently, nearly one-third of Sweetgreen’s transactions occur through its website and mobile app. If society wasn’t so obsessed with technology, Sweetgreen probably wouldn’t invest in it so much. Read more: Nathaniel Ru | LinkedIn and  Nathaniel Ru Blazes a Trail in The Height Food Industry | Affiliate Dork

Bonding with customers is the most important part running a restaurant. It’s important that people feel comfortable every time they visit. The best way to make a restaurant chain feel comfortable is for the corporate offices that run the chain to understand their diners.

Sweetgreen accomplishes this by having their office workers spend time working in the restaurants.

Their first restaurant opened in 2007 after they’d graduated from Georgetown. Eager to start their own business, they looked around and noticed the lack of healthy eating options in the area. They decided to open a salad-based restaurant so that students could have healthier options on campus.

At first, they didn’t know if they’d survive. The business started well, but when they faced their first winter break, most of the students were away on vacation. Despite the lack of students, Sweetgreen made it through the season and was more popular than ever.

As soon as they had enough experience and money, they began expanding. Unlike other restaurant chains that just care about foot traffic, Sweetgreen focused on becoming part of the community. They didn’t want people to just think of them when it’s lunchtime. They wanted people to visit during all hours of the day.

Picking the right location played a role in the way people look at Sweetgreen. They also focused a lot of time on design, making their restaurant look modern.

Learn more about Nathaniel Ru:

Jobs Report: Sweetgreen Co-Founder Jonathan Neman Lives the Sweet Life

Looking At Makes Securus Technologies a Leader in Providing Facility Services

Securus Technologies is a civil and criminal justice technology solutions services provider based in Dallas, Texas. This service provider serves over 3,450 public safety, law enforcement and corrections agencies and more than 1.2m inmates in North America. Some of the services they provide include technology solutions for public safety, investigation, corrections, and monitoring of facilities. They provide emergency response, biometric analysis, information management, self-service for inmates, products and services monitoring, communication, among others. All these services ensure the inmates keep in touch with the outside world.

Securus Technologies monitor information in regards to alcohol use, selling of drugs in the facility, cellular devices usage, conversations that seem suspicious, threats, money transfer and much more. All these are aimed at ensuring the inmates are secure. The service provider is dedicated to revolutionizing the incarceration surroundings and continuously helps facilities to enhance public safety in their jurisdictions. Their vision of assessing current capabilities in facilities and coming up with emerging capabilities has helped boost security in jails. The tools and skills for the investigation that they offer intertwine with most facilities’ aggressive investigative mindset.

The service provider has shown its commitment to provide exceptional services to its customers by improving their customer support. They have come up with in-house domestic call center with 220 seats. It makes it the most significant customer support center in this field. The move has given the service provider great control on how they handle their clients and also allowed them to implement the standards required by BBB to get accreditation. The customer is the driving force of any business, and their satisfaction matters a lot in business success. Securus has comprehended this and worked a lot to achieve maximum customer satisfaction hence getting the accreditation and making it a leading facility provider. The certification means BBB has verified and confirmed that the service provider is the most prominent facility provider in that industry.