American Institute Of Architects Uplifts The Building World

Architects define the existence of humanity. As the world evolves into a better place manned by science and technology, buildings are needed for institutions and learning experiences. That is why architects are highly regarded in this, modern world. They define the safety standards of the buildings that people occupy. From residential areas to just, commercial dinning areas, without architects, the world would be full of accidents. That explains the relevance of the institution, American Institute of Architects. Just like any career that has a union, this is a union of architects. It was established with the name and careers of architects embedded to a great cause.

The Institution of American Institute of Architects

The American Institute of Architects was established in 1857. The organization is headed at the Washington District. It is defined an an institution that leads in offering basic and advanced education on government advocacy, outreach support of architects, education , community development as well as redevelopment. As it is evident, this institution focus on building the link and network of architects in all aspects. The institution was built to assist in the development of architects. AIA improves the image of the building world. It is better positioned to give the discipline a good image. It works with some of the world’s leaders to offer better leadership in architectural designs and disciplines.

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Leadership at AIA

AIA works with prominent leaders. The institution recognizes the value of valid leadership. Towards this end, there has been a team of experienced leaders that control most the decisions that the institution has made. Robert Ivy is the first leader that has a lot of input when it comes to making some of the critical decisions at AIA. He has been in the institution for over five years. As the chief executive officer of the institution, Robert Ivy determines most of the moves made by staff as well as management. He is well versed with the leadership link and allows his teams to participate in the decision making processes. Robert Ivy leads in projecting most programs that are offered by the AIA.


AIA has a number of members that can comfortably build a strong architectural team. Over 90,000 members grace the institution. While some are licensed members that can practice architect, others are associates and professionals. AIA has registered excellent performance to the point of receiving an award. The FAIA award was given to the institution following its input in the discipline.

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