Sweetgreen: Making People Happy and Healthy

There are some trends that become so popular that people can’t wait for them to take over their city. For health-crazed foodies, Sweetgreen is the ultimate destination. The only problem with Sweetgreen is that there isn’t enough of them. People stand outside Sweetgreen restaurants like they’re waiting to get the new iPhone.

So far, there are only 40 locations in nationwide, most of which are in California and New York. The company’s growing faster than anyone expected, so the co-CEOs have to catch up to the demand. One way they’re doing is by adopting new technology as it becomes available.

Technology is as useful as it is harmful. Luckily, the trio of CEOs all graduated from Georgetown University as entrepreneurial tech pioneers. Currently, nearly one-third of Sweetgreen’s transactions occur through its website and mobile app. If society wasn’t so obsessed with technology, Sweetgreen probably wouldn’t invest in it so much. Read more: Nathaniel Ru | LinkedIn and  Nathaniel Ru Blazes a Trail in The Height Food Industry | Affiliate Dork

Bonding with customers is the most important part running a restaurant. It’s important that people feel comfortable every time they visit. The best way to make a restaurant chain feel comfortable is for the corporate offices that run the chain to understand their diners.

Sweetgreen accomplishes this by having their office workers spend time working in the restaurants.

Their first restaurant opened in 2007 after they’d graduated from Georgetown. Eager to start their own business, they looked around and noticed the lack of healthy eating options in the area. They decided to open a salad-based restaurant so that students could have healthier options on campus.

At first, they didn’t know if they’d survive. The business started well, but when they faced their first winter break, most of the students were away on vacation. Despite the lack of students, Sweetgreen made it through the season and was more popular than ever.

As soon as they had enough experience and money, they began expanding. Unlike other restaurant chains that just care about foot traffic, Sweetgreen focused on becoming part of the community. They didn’t want people to just think of them when it’s lunchtime. They wanted people to visit during all hours of the day.

Picking the right location played a role in the way people look at Sweetgreen. They also focused a lot of time on design, making their restaurant look modern.

Learn more about Nathaniel Ru:

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Looking At Makes Securus Technologies a Leader in Providing Facility Services

Securus Technologies is a civil and criminal justice technology solutions services provider based in Dallas, Texas. This service provider serves over 3,450 public safety, law enforcement and corrections agencies and more than 1.2m inmates in North America. Some of the services they provide include technology solutions for public safety, investigation, corrections, and monitoring of facilities. They provide emergency response, biometric analysis, information management, self-service for inmates, products and services monitoring, communication, among others. All these services ensure the inmates keep in touch with the outside world.

Securus Technologies monitor information in regards to alcohol use, selling of drugs in the facility, cellular devices usage, conversations that seem suspicious, threats, money transfer and much more. All these are aimed at ensuring the inmates are secure. The service provider is dedicated to revolutionizing the incarceration surroundings and continuously helps facilities to enhance public safety in their jurisdictions. Their vision of assessing current capabilities in facilities and coming up with emerging capabilities has helped boost security in jails. The tools and skills for the investigation that they offer intertwine with most facilities’ aggressive investigative mindset.

The service provider has shown its commitment to provide exceptional services to its customers by improving their customer support. They have come up with in-house domestic call center with 220 seats. It makes it the most significant customer support center in this field. The move has given the service provider great control on how they handle their clients and also allowed them to implement the standards required by BBB to get accreditation. The customer is the driving force of any business, and their satisfaction matters a lot in business success. Securus has comprehended this and worked a lot to achieve maximum customer satisfaction hence getting the accreditation and making it a leading facility provider. The certification means BBB has verified and confirmed that the service provider is the most prominent facility provider in that industry.


Kevin Seawright; The Man to Learn From

Kevin Seawright is both a leader and a wily businessman. Over his 14 years of experience, he has been a success and a trailblazer in both of his professional fields. Learn more about Kevin Seawright: http://alivenewspaper.com/2017/08/kevin-seawright-sees-big-things-for-new-jersey-real-estate-as-economy-grows/

Kevin is currently the vice president and chief financial officer of Newark Economic Development Corporation. The corporation has responsibility for developing business strategies and streamline the business of which he is a significant contributor.

Having a flawless resume from working as an executive level finance, human resource management, and capital operations for 13 years, he has a profound and extensive experience in the business and leadership.

He currently managed over 600 million dollars in capital, construction, educational and facilities project in his tenure. He has been an instrumental in the growth and sustainability of business in the community of the East Coast. Read more: Kevin Seawright Joins Newark Community Economic Development Corporation

He managed to grow from a humble begging to be the man with the expertise to assemble a set of skills set of a business leader with a propensity of establishing an excellent staff rapport, client, leaders and functional managers that are the constituents that make a business success.

His accomplishments have not gone unnoticed. He has received several awards for his financial success. He was a nominee for Met Life receipt of bridges to the future award in the year 2010 for the financial and operations professionals.

He has been a social media influencer having a massive following from those who follow his advice and those who idolize him as a professional. He uses these platforms to inform and guide the masses. He is available on LinkedIn, Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook.

Kevin Seawright is an MBA holder and is currently furthering his horizons in the Notre Dame Mendoza School of Business for training in the executive leadership. He has also served as an advisory board member for the Babe Ruth Museum and has undertaken several community responsibilities by being a local youth sports coach.

He has the membership to some regulatory and professional bodies such as the American Society for Public Administration, the national forum for black public administrator among many others.