The Views Of David Gertz On Social Security

Advisors need to speak to their clients about social security. But not enough of them are doing it. A survey done of people who are retired or who are about to retire in about 10 years confirms the same. 4 out of 5 such people said that they would change their advisor if they did not talk about social security at It needs to be understood why financial advisors are not taking interest in this. They need to make it an integral part of the financial planning for retirement plan. Besides, there are people who are turning too early towards the social security. All this translates into huge numbers. Hence it is important for financial advisors to take full interest in this aspect.

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David Giertz is a financial advisor. He has been employed by Nationwide Investment Services Corporation.

Giertz is registered with FINRA as a Broker. These are the sales personnel who are working for larger brokerage firms. This refers to firms that are having the business of buying and selling securities that include stocks, bonds, and mutual funds in addition to other investment-related products on Such firms will be registered with FINRA. They may be engaged in securities transactions that would be taken on behalf of its customers and then they become like a broker. Or else these transactions will be done for own account. Then the firm becomes like a dealer.

David Giertz has wide experience in his field. He has aptly qualified for the position that he holds. Currently David Giertz holds a position with the National Investment Services Corporation.

Sam Tabar and the Environment Strategies

Sam Tabar is the Chief Operating Officer(COO) AT FullCycle Energy Fund, which was created in 2003 to fund projects for recycle, and maintenance of a clean environment. FullCycle Energy Fund projects collect waste products that would harm the environment and process them to usable goods in the community.

These projects offer various benefits to the local people including a clean environment and affordable, clean commodities. Sam advocates for the clean environment which include purification of fuels that pollute the environment to environmentally friendly fuels, furniture, utensils and polythene papers. Learn more about Sam Tabar:

According to Bloomberg, Sam Tabar is a prominent business strategist, a professional in business development, legal administration and fundraiser. In the year 2000, Sam obtained a bachelors degree in Jurisprudence from University of Oxford. In 2001, he did Masters degree in law from Columbia University. This professional background has made Sam who he is in present and future.

After his education, Sam Tabar joined Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher, Slate & FlomLLP Affiliates, All located in New York where he worked as an Attorney for five years. In these organizations, Tabar specialized in fund-related matters, being his passionate field.

Later in the year 2007, he worked as a Managing Director for the largest sovereign fund in Asia, Sparxs Group.

In addition to his financial management experience, In 2011 Sam worked as a Director, Head of Strategy(APAC) for Merrill Lynch(Bank of America) founded in Hong Kong/ New York, Where he introduced managers in finding investors and fund management plans.

Sam Tabar, Invested in Tribute and SheThinx companies, started to empower women hygiene around the world, which is one of his early investments. In the present, he is a member of the New York State Bar and an Editor of the Columbia business law journal.

Wen Plus Puppies Equals Love And Beauty

Chaz Dean loves his Labrador retriever family. They join him at work, while traveling and are even with him on QVC appearances. Initially, two brothers (Hunter and Spencer) plus their sister, Ella the trio became part of the salon family welcoming clients as well as staff. When Ella passed, she was sorely missed, but respectfully replaced by Riley June and Bella Moon, pups from the same Dad as the original trio. They are also meticulously groomed with Wen products and Chaz considers them his children. They are indeed beautiful animals!

But the puppies aside, the Chaz Dean empire stands on a strong foundation built from his all natural hair care product line.  Having not used traditional shampoos on his own hair or that of his clients since 1993, Chaz has created and educated his clients how to gain and maintain beautiful, healthy hair. Chaz doesn’t even use the word “shampoo” to describe his products. Minus toxic bleaches, peroxides, sulfates and detergents, Chaz is making the world more beautiful and healthy one client at a time. The strong foundation is his Cleansing Conditioner, available in multiple sizes and scents, which include fruits, plants or veggies. He even offers a short, seven question hair quiz on his web site that allows him to help you select the very best products you need for your hair.

With a giving and compassionate heart, Chaz works hard to raise awareness of human needs and his listing of worthy charities grows as well.

Purchase and use of the Wen product line is a win-win-win proposition.

New York State Bar Association and Mr. Jeremey Goldstein

The new online portal for people who are seeking lawyers for criminal issues was launched by NYSBA (New York State Bar Association), which is a Trusted Lawyer Referral and Information Service group. The confidential services that are provided by the organization are available at for 24 hours in a day. People are usually in need of lawyers in times of pressure and stress. Therefore, the State Bar Association gives them the opportunity of getting the best attorney for their cases. The individual who is seeking for a legal help will just have to present a questionnaire for review. Through the review, the State Bar staff will then match the inquiry with a nearby office of an attorney. The cost of referral to an attorney is free but the consultation fee for the first 30 minute is $35. However, there are exceptions to matters, which involve personal injury, medical malpractice, worker’s compensation, military law, and social security. Apart from the online access, the organization can be reached through 1-800-342-3661 during the regular business hours.

One of the attorneys that justice seeker can get access to is Jeremy L. Goldstein who is also a partner at Jeremey L. Goldstein and Associates LLC. The company of Mr. Jeremey Goldstein is a law firm that is dedicated to advising management teams, CEOs, compensation committees, and executive teams. Before finding his company, Mr. Goldstein was also a partner at Wachtell, Lipton, Katz, and Rosen Law Firm. He was involved in many corporate transactions over the past decade. For example, the acquisition of the Goodrich by the United Technologies, the Dow Chemical Company, and the Duke Energy/Progress Energy.

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How the Healthcare Industry Rushed to Manage Their Online Presence

Recent social media trends are showing that patients, not just angry restaurant visitors, are taking their tales of bad experiences to the public. The entire healthcare industry has been focusing on using an older scoring system to maintain records of overall patient satisfaction. A system that many in the medical field are saying must be done away with. In addition to dated scoring systems, many in the healthcare industry felt that they did not know how to engage the public. Unfortunately, many within the world of health care have no system in place to accurately measure their reputation with the general public.

Another drawback to using an old in-person survey system was getting patients to complete it. In these modern times, people are far more likely to voice their concerns on Twitter or Facebook than they are to write out their experience on a paper form. Many take to social media to express to the world what they are feeling at any given moment. One healthcare provider knew the value of establishing a social media presence; they just needed a bit of help to realize their vision.

Providence Health knew that something had to be done about their online reputation management. Enlisting the help of the Binary Foundation and Press Ganey, Providence Health now had a system that could take online ratings and reviews and put them into an actionable plan. Since implementing this plan, Providence Health has seen a 25-29% increase in total page views for their website, according to a story published on

The methods to determine how to create a better system than the days of the paper survey are still being fine tuned. There is currently no widely used online reputation management system in place for the healthcare industry. However, like professionals who develop cures for diseases in the medical field, technology is making the dream of better customer engagement for healthcare organizations a reality. After seeing the immense importance of what customer said about their industry on social media, healthcare organization all across the country rushed to fix an outdated issue.